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I am a chemist and for a long time had been working in the scientific field but parallel to our family there was a showroom and a restaurant in cabaret-style night club. This was a seed business but I had my own beauty salon for a very long time so that fashion has always been and will be the main part of my activities. I decided to create my  blog and dedicate it to the women over 50s, about our lifestyle, our interests and hobbies. I want to show how many excellent possibilities gives the life after 50s. about  lifestyle . My past experience afford me to try. I want to see how my look will appreciated.I want to see other people point of view about my taste and style to put on. Before my taste helped only my friend and acquaintance, but now I risk to introduce my style to publicly. but yet I think the most important and interesting looks create intelligence, literacy and reach inside nature.

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