Hi dears, today  I want to touch very basic and important theme the basic  and modern wardrobe. This theme will include all seasons, but this  post will dedicate this 2018-19 winter and  little bit of spring of 2019. I divided this them into three parts. The previous video was about  of 2018-19  modern and fashion basic winter  clothes. The cycle about modern basic wardrobe continues  and this video I dedicate only coats, because according of fashion giants’s opinion coats are the separate love of mankind wardrobe.  The next video will be about down jackets, fur coats and sheepskin coats out of time.Here is my video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aieg7v2EYRE&t=119s


If you haven’t   a coat yet and   going to purchase your the first coat, let’s buy the beige or color caramel. These colors are the most win- win and out of time. If you can afford Max Mara’s  coats  the king of this industry then excellent, but if  not you can buy it in the middle segment or mass markets:


The only we should pay attention, is the type of material. It  has to be  natural in the most percent. 50%-60%-70% of wool or cashmere and It’s possible to find kind of coats in the mass markets: ZARA, MANGO.


The following point is black coat. It can be also as the beige with classic form or a bathrobe coat with belt around. These patterns are out of time in any cases and having invested our money  we  have to be sure that it ‘ll serve us for decades:


According the fashion giants the following are different shades of grey. Grey is considered as soft black and is as classic and timeless as black and beige. As for me , I’m fun of the grey tones:

All these colors itself are basic and considered as unseparated parts of modern fashion wardrobe. You can fit any colors of accessory them. But bellow I Gathered the rest of basic colors. In  designers opinion, when we have already have beige, black and grey coats of quality wool and cashmere, we  can buy another basic colors: Deep and light brown, marsala, blue and navy, pink, checkered and etc:


All these coats you can purchase as in luxury  segments for example: Max Mara, FARFETCH online shop, so in the middle segment As Massimo Dutti, ASOS, UNIQLO, COS and in mass market ZARA,MANGO.

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