Since I have started my blog I have written a lot about the books, novels and the favorite writers of mine, the case is that I grew up during Russian speaking mom, she had Russian education, so I always wrote about the books what she recommended.

I’m ashamed of that my knowledge around my native literature is not as good as my knowledge of the world literature. The real reason was that more of translations were published in Russian language. Actually I used to read more in Russian comparing to Georgian language. Only several years ago there became reachable the world literature in translated in Georgian. The publish houses of Georgia started to translate and publish the world literature in Georgian.

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t read the books of my native language, but not as many as I should to read.

In spite of I have my favorite writers and novels which are well known over the world.

Now I want to mention the greatest writer of contemporary Georgia Guram Dochanashvili and his greatest novel “The first Garment” written based on one of the Gospel parable.

The parable about son of prodigal – Domenic. Who is the main hero of the novel. I think this parable is well known for everybody. The father of the main hero is a very powerful  person and has got great influence in that village where they live. Once Domenic requires his share from his father. He wants to  live separately from his family, and start to travel, his adventure and experience.

The plot of the novel is divided into five parts:


Part 1 – At the Village- The author extends the parable and shows to reader the life of the village where live the family of Dominic, Their every day life, their problems and short history of Domenic’s family past and his childhood, the customs of villagers.The  first part finishes with leaving of Domenic.


Part 2 – City of Beauty-Domenico makes his way down the mountain and into the city, referred to as the “City of Beauty.” Even though the people there are reasonable and friendly, nobody trusts Domenico at first when he shows up asking for some food and a place to stay. That feeling of distrust is mutual, given the fact that Domenico is loaded with 6000 drahcans, which is equivalent to a small fortune, and his first days in the city are plagued by his constant paranoia – he can’t sleep, fearing that someone will murder him in his sleep. Later, he gets the idea to bury his money in the ground and extract only a small amount of gold at a time, which he uses to buy himself some decent clothes and food and also make some friends.

Domenico soon becomes popular in the city due to his personality and open-handedness with money and befriends several citizens.

In this part author shows Dominic’s first love story, his sexualy relationships, his disappointments., and mistakes, faithful and deceitful people around him. How had been building his values.


Part 3 – Camoora-  The story follows Domenico as he makes his way to a city of thieves and killers, Camoora. In this part  the author brings the new characters who are referred to as the “Five Great Canudosians”. The first of the Five Great Canudosians, Manuelo Costa, is a peasant in Certana, a village near Camoora. He is very poor due to high taxes imposed on peasants by Camoorians, and serves them on their land. However, he is naturally light-hearted and optimistic and brave. As a result, he is very popular among the ladies in his village, Certana. After introducing the character, it is stated that Manuelo will become the first of the Five Great Canudosians.

The secondCanudosians is Santos his wife, Mirtza, was the kind of woman that could appreciate a man not necessarily for what he has done, but what he would do later in life, like becoming one of the Five Great Canudosians.

.The third of the Five Great Canudosians is Ze Moreira, Manuelo’s best friend. Ze has children and a wife who loves him very much.

The fourth of them, Joao Abado, is also a peasant in Certana, just like Ze and Manuelo, but unlike them, he never had enough courage to fight rabid animals.Nobody in the village likes Joao aside from his wife and children, and yet it is stated that he would one day become the fourth of the Five Great Canudosians.

All of them are poor, but that is not what torments them. What torments them all is their lack of freedom. They don’t talk to each other about it, but they all feel the same. The identity of the fifth Great Canudosian is kept a secret.

Part 4 – Canudos-Canudosians have already built many buildings out of clay – Canudos became a sprawling city with white clay buildings across a riverbank. This river provided them with food and water, and the grateful Canudosians named it a “River of Rejuvenation”.

Canudosians have already built many buildings out of clay – Canudos became a sprawling city with white clay buildings across a riverbank. This river provided them with food and water, and the grateful Canudosians named it a “River of Rejuvenation”. But it was destroyed by the thiefs and criminales..

In my as a reader’s considarationCanudos was the city of kindness beauty and  city of brawe young people who loved life.Ii is the shortest summery of the greatest story, which you hav to read. it is history of honour, wisdom and kindness.


Part 5 – Ascent-Domenico passed the hard life he lost everything and realise the value of life. how difficult is earn the fortune, how value and important is family, he was stayed with nothing, he is ashamed.

Domenico reaches the pig farm and starts working as a pig farmer for an unnamed employer. Just like Miccinio said, Domenico barely receives enough food to survive and over the years, becomes very thin and weak. His employer treats him so bad that he even craves being a pig, who get better treatment then people on this farm. As years go by, the urge to return home becomes stronger and stronger, however, he knows that he has no right to return home having spent all 6000 drahcans without leaving a single one in the village. However, he later gets the idea to return to the village and ask Father to employ him as one of the peasants, instead of acknowledging him as his son.

The final part is described the most beautiful and interesting. The prodigal son returns and asks for forgiveness on his father’s lap.


In my consideration Canudos was the city of kindness beauty and the city of brave young people who loved life.It is the shortest summery of the greatest story, which you should read. It is story of people who devoted their life honor. The story which learns us wisdom and kindness.

Dears write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me. With love..














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