Do you want to be always unforgettable woman? I think it is not difficult. This does not demand lot of money if you will think a little bit. It demands only your desire.

Taking care of yourself and loving yourself have to be your habits. Always use body lotions, always do workouts . Make such a rule of your life to walk on a fresh air about an hour twice in a wee, control your weight. If you have got overweight go to a doctor and keep a diet from time to time.

It is not necessary to always buy luxury things. It is necessary to have good taste and have your style .Do not follow fashion trends, otherwise you have a chance to go mad…

Be oriented on luxury accessories. Constantly and gradually gain one or two bags, shoes and glasses which will be out of time and perfume with classical fragrance.

I often hear that some bloggers recommend to their readers to have got one favorite perfume.

According to their opinion you should have your own fragrance which will feature only your personality, you have to be recognized with your perfume.



I don’t agree with this approach. Why should I use only one particular fragrance if there are so many gorgeous perfumes? My dears, it is only my opinion. I think a personality has to be recognized with his/her different fragrances. When we’re talking about the perfume.

In my opinion if people feel some good fragrance the first thing what has to come to their minds is that you are somewhere very close or you have just passed now.

As for me I have several great perfumes. Some of them are old, some of them are newer. I have never followed the newest brands when the case refers to perfume, I have got my favorites. Generally, classical brands and old fragrances. In my opinion there are nothing new announced. The base of each new fragrance is the well known old .

Very often I mix two different fragrances. It is the best way to be always with particularly new aroma and nobody knows what kind of perfume do you use and I never use ordinary one. I like when I’m followed with surprised and delighted looks.

By now I have got






”SENOUE BY TED LAPIDUS” – my favorite and adorable but too old fragrance; “ “NOANOA“ by CACHAREL. My son presented it to me on my birthday. I was inexplicably happy because I have not got it for years. He promised that I will have this perfume always if I like it so much.

In addition I will tell you  about one fragrance which I found out several years ago. I’m leaving a link for you in case you will be interested. I named it – shocked men –  it’s ‘ WOMAN by Lapidus”.

It is rather cheap perfume. I do not know if I’m gonna like it as much as 10 years ago, but I remember that years ago, it surprised all men around me, everybody asked me which perfume was I using. By the way I am going to buy “WOMAN ” by LAPIDUS in the nearest future.

My dears, finally I want to write the sentence I always repeat to myself and to my friends, to my nieces and my son, the sentence what  I already wrote in my early posts and we will find these sentences in many cases here:

You should create around yourself kind of opinion that everything pleasant and gorgeous is related to you. Luxury fragrance, clothes, rules of morality. Even when you wear something cheap you should wear them with a high style. My mom always says to me: “It is needed to know how to wear the things”  yes the knowledge of how to wear things is a talent.”

Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Wait for the new posts.Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.With love.





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