Essential white T shirt is a unique thing in our wardrobe. White shirt is as base, as black skirt, black suit, jeans and etc. Anyway it is the essential thing in Parisian women’s wardrobe. I emphasize because all the women of over the earth try to imitate Parisian style.


Having choose white T shirt, the first we need to know that it has to be from natural material: cotton, viscose or both in 50%. In my opinion if we find quality T-shirt we should buy 2-3 items, because as essential white shirt it has to be washed after each use because it has to look fresh.

How to wear white T-shirt? Literally with everything. It is as basic that it can calm any bright printed clothes and looks elegant even with leather and velvet things.
We can wear it from wedding ceremony with classical outfits up to casual outfits without any problem.
Below I showed several outfits with white T shirts what I wear.

Ines de la Fressange attends the Madame Figaro 30th Anniversary Celebration at Salle Wagram on December 2, 2010 in Paris, France.



Black classical trousers, Leather trousers, from velvet material, wide trousers, jeans with suitable suit above and white t- shirt inside. If your height afford, you can wear man’s shoes or any flat shoes for example sneakers or loafer shoes.





Ordinary outfit : jeans, sneakers and white T-shirt, above leather or denim jacket, but as for me I prefer to wear Jeans, white T-shirt and leather jacket with ballet shoes or man’s shoes, according the weather or season. It always has been my favorite mix. I prefer sneakers with dresses or with skirt.

My favorite outfit are sneakers, silk flowered skirt and white T- shirt with jeans or leather jacket and squared black sunglasses. But the most I love floral tea dress with sneakers, especially white sneakers. It is my favorite outfit. I always have loved something rough on the feet with light silk flowered summer dress or skirt. It has been my evening outfits since my youth. For example I wore cowboy boots and military shoes in the summer.

In the winter I bought velvet classical black Jacket by D&G and I am going to wear it with leather classical trousers, white T- shirt, Ballet shoes Fabi, YSL vintage bag and squared blue sunglasses by Alexander Mc Queen. It is the perfect outfit out of time.

You can mix any bright items with white t-shirt even with heels and it will be high style. under silk dress like underwear . I wear for example T- shirt with jewelry, skinny vintage jeans of LEVI’S and sandals  of Baldinini when I go to the theatre.


I imitate my style icon Iness de la fressange. How do you think doesn’t this woman worth to imitate, does she?


Finally, remember: don’t wash white T-shirt in washing machine, it is my suggestion, wash it separately with hands and fold on the special material to dry. Put aside as soon as it will lose his bright white color.


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