I decided to dedicate this video/post of cosmetic products  for all kinds of budgetI. Skin and body care.This video about products which are reachable for all  women, which are very high quality and I recommend it very much. I’ts is my new, find pharmacy line of the German company My readers who view my Bloglovin site know very well my cosmetic preferences.

The first thing we do every morning and night  is that wehave a shower.  It’s some kind of psychological way to find pleasure and relax.The shower gives us a pleasure just as like as to buy luxury bags, shoes, jewelry.This  video about the cosmetic product for all kinds budget.

Here is video , pleasant voew:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQJIUCHzevI&t=270s


YVES ROCHER. It’s the  favorite cosmetic  brand  of the numerous of women over the world and I’m a customer of this brand for several years. The brand issues hypoallergenic products and it matches me perfectly. The body lotions: day and night creams, the blusher:


The body Showers, creams and body lotions and body oils with excellent velvet structure, different types  of shampoos and conditioners for hair care :



Day and night creams:

Tonal creams, rouges, brushes, foundation cream, mascara for eyelashes, cleaners, everything perfectly matches skin :




My new find pharmacy line of the German company, What I noticed by chance at pharmacy It’s a baby line of German cosmetic SebaMed, which also does have also women’s skin take care line.  It’s not an advertisement.  It’s a recommendation after testing.

Face cream, body lotions, face liquid soap, deodorant spray:


Every woman want to find perfect way against the age. I want to  open very easy, but very effective and natural way against of wrinkles, Which I inherited from my grand mom and she  learned it from a friend of her, who was Parisian noble woman, who got married a Georgian man and removed to   my country after  second world war.

Anyway my grandma was well known with her perfect face skin. Let’s go to review: Make into consideration that each of them are from natural ingredients and very useful:

Mask-Scrab N1: one teaspoon of corn flour 1/2 tea spoon baking soda and a nutritious salt mix and apply to cleansed face skin for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water as a scrub.  After, applying nourishing or moisturizing cream:


Mask-ScrabN 2: one teaspoon of corn flour and one ounce olive oil procedure lasts 30 minutes then apply day, night, anti age or moisturizing cream, according your considerations:


(Anti age mask ) one full egg mix with one tea spoon solube cafe and apply on cleaned face skin  for 30 minutes except of around eyes( particularly remember, don’t apply masks around eyes), then wash with warm water and apply your cream according your consideration. Use this mask three times in a week for a month:


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