This video/post about trend colors of 2018-19 autumn winter. Here you will find different tones of violet, yellow, brown ,red and grey. I allow myself to emphasize, my favorite colors and tones: And here is video and pleasant review:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wx48V7eNmE&t=53s

 Red pear wine;

Martine olive;3.Almond buff;

Sagrasso sea blue;

Merkat(shade of brown)

elegant black;

 Quiet grey (shade of grey);

And I remind that these colors with their shades are always in fashion as long  I remember myself, so we can invest freely our money.

Red Pear:

Valiant Poppy:

Pink Peacock:


Bright Fuchsia:

Mellow Rose:



Ultra Violet:


Crocus Petal:

Sargasso Sea:

Nebulas Blue:





Russet  Orange:

Ceylon Yellow:



Martini Olive:

Quetzal Green:

Almond Buff:


Quiet Gray:


Elegant Black:

Shimmering Silver:

Below I Introduced the outfits created with these colors and a piece of advice from professionals  how  should we mix these colors :

According the professionals piece  it’ll be better if we mix only three colors in one outfit. (Here is guide of colors):

Pleasant review.









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