Today I want to show you the most important and favorite things of mine and stylish women’s wardrobe – five Luxury bags which almost changes the women’s outfits.

N1 lux bag was created by design house of GUCCI in 1947. It was a bag with bamboo handle. We know that first of all spoils the handles of a bag.


The bamboo material had been delivering from Japan, then  it was recycling with burning and then  it was used as a handle on bags by GUCCI.

Among the owners of These Luxury bags are  kind of famous women  as the members of Royal Families : Diana, Princess of Wales, Paola Ruffo di Calabria, French first Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy , world famous actress such as  Ilaria Ocini,  Elizabeth Taylor British-bor American actress.

Roma 19/06/1996


Gucci Bamboo bag worn by Ingrid Bergman and Carla Bruni Sarkozy it means,  that The very bag withstood the 20 century, moved to 21 century and got his  deserved place as the first among the bests.


N2 Is the bag by Chanel 2,55. Russian model Lady Abdy inspired the greatest COCO to create this bag. A lot of legends are go around legendary bag because COCO herself was a legend.

The firs bag was created  in 1927 years and only  in 1955 years was created that unique version of CHANEL 2,5 which is the pride of every it’s owner up to now and forever.

These bag worn, wear and will wear the most famous women of the world.  this bag has got several pockets,each of them has got it’s name and special function. The creation of this bag needs 15-20 persons hands, So it is not stange that not every woman can afford to buy it. It worth it’s price.


I am very happy that fortune did make me a gift and I have got genuine Chanel  2.55 .

I wanted to create this video not according only world fashion preferences, but I wanted to show my preferences too according for example quality of bags and famous mark as well.

On the N3 place I want to put the bags of greatest  YveSauntLaurant. I’m not going to tell here about the greatest maestro. I did  special post on my blog(see inbox bellow). The most famous women were,  are and will be  YSL’s admirers, because «If Chanel gave women their freedom, it was Saint Laurent who empowered them »

Betty Catroux,Bianca Jagger,Loulou de La Falaise,Catherine Deneuve, LaetitiaCasta  wore YSL.

I am very happy that luckily in my youth my mom could afford to buy my little YSL black cross body bag, which is already vintage t0day but looks perfectly as if it’s bought just recently.

N4 In my list is bag of Hermes, generally  it’s considered as the first according of it’s quality and price, Hermes can afford only highlights of the world. Especially HERMES BIRKIN.Matte Crocodile Biking Bag which was named after the actor and singer Jane Birkin is one of the expensive handbags of Hermes brand.

We just had to put a Birkin on the list! One of the most timeless bags and a true investment piece, if you can get your hands on one of these it will become a staple in your wardrobe and see you through many wardrobe crises.

N5Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton brand is the synonymous with luxury. This French company has been famous for its classic, elegant, and modern fashion accessories. Since 2002, this company’s handbags have been famous for being unique and stylish. Marc Jacobs has been associated with Louis Vuitton since 1997.


POCHETTE METIS by Louis Vuitton is my dream and not only my dream ,but I cant afford it yet.

I listed  one part of the world most popular and luxury bags there are several else left and in following video I will also show them.

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