Yes she is my favorite writer, yes she was very scandalize person, in my opinion she was very the bright star of the 20th century of France but very unhappy person at the same time.

She was born in Kajar. The girl was superior to her peers in terms of intelligence, although she was much undisciplined. After a failure in her studies (in 1953 she did not pass the entrance exam at the Sorbonne), she became famous at the age of 19 thanks to the publication of her first novel, “Bonjour, tristesse” (1954), which had a brilliant success in society and critics.

The Sagan, which François Mauriac called “a charming monster”, received thanks to this novel “The Criticism Award”, among such experienced authors as Jean Gitton.

Roman Françoise Sagan “Hello, sadness!” Was translated into 30 languages of the world, and then filmed. He was followed by other novels and numerous stories, plays, novels.

All the works of Francoise Sagan – about love, loneliness, dissatisfaction with life; They are distinguished by the clarity of the narrative manner and the accuracy of the psychological picture.


Her first novel I met was “Un peu de soleildansl’eaufroide”. I was a little girl and it occurred during The USSR. The Magazine had been publishing every month called “Foreign literature”. My mom was buying it every month, she gave and recommended it to me. I was charmed and fell in love. It was written by real Parisian woman with  great experience. Since then her novels are my desk books. I have been reading “Un Sang d’aquarelle” now.

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