The “Decameron” was written during the early renaissance by Italian writer and poet Jovani Boccaccio. It is the collection of novels and the masterpiece of his work.

Levan Tsuladze, the greatest artist and director of my country who I already mentioned in my previous post about the theatre, staged a play in a theatre of Kote Marjanishvili according based on The Decameron’s novels and once again assured us in his superiority.

The Decameron is the collection of the novels with free senses, alive humor, humane ideas, free thinking.They are rather erotic, but the director did not emphasized this theme, he put in the performance very deep idea.The work was chased by catholic church.

The catholic church tried to forbid the work but couldn’t.  Then they tried to correct it but the first version of work left the borders of Italy and became the property of the mankind.The  version of the performance is the signature, once again shows the  greatest talent of director.

When a friend of mine invited me to watch the performance my attitude was very skeptical. I was a bit tired from Decameron, but I thought the refusal would be a little awkward. So,  I agreed.

I’m grateful up to now. I was greatly pleased. It was one of the nicest evening of my life. The pleasure which I got I remember up to now. The actors were ones of the bests from that theatre.



The decoration was created with subtle taste and looked very wealthy. You are as involved in the performance that you can’t even relax. The most emotional part was the final action when all viewers were covered by white material as a symbol.

The musical composition belongs to Vakhtan Kakhidze as always and it is another masterpiece of the show.

Finally I want to emphasize that the performance teaches us a lot of about the life: how sinful is the world just like as we are. Obviously humanity don’t  pay attention to the evil which people give to each other and finally, there is a scene of judgment day and everything burns in the fire of hell except one innocent little girl who is as an angel and captures us with her innocent look.

Here is the musical composition by Vakhtang Kakhidze: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzdeyZhgObY

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