We know that 2018 trend are oversize clothes,  but in my opinion when oversize does not fit a woman, She should dress suitable clothes…Nobody forbade feminine clothes .


In my case I may not go to meeting without classical style. In my opinion oversize  clothes fit  women up to 35 years old.  Above 35 years old we have to  prefer to classical and minimalism style of clothes, but it is only my subjective position. Generally classical and minimalism always in the trend.

It is my gorgeous grey color dress, but unlikely a photo doesn’t show real color. It is clear I have to lose weight.  As I see I got weight this winter. This is  wonderful material : cashmere, silk and wool, gorgeous mix. The dress by MORGAN,  the shoes I bought yesterday in TOSCA, watch by Roberto Cavalli, Bracelet by Misaki, Glasses By Jil Sander.

My dears  be free in your comments. Write do you like my dress? What kind of style do you prefer to?









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