Today I was looking for the books  about the immortal giants of the world fashion and came across very famous photo of naked Yve Saint  Laurent It brought me to the  well known film “Yve Saint Laurent, Style is me” . It enchanted me once again and I decided  to dive through his biography once again to look over the details of his life.

Some day in the nearest future I will dedicate one big post to Yve Saint Laurent,  today being under the influence of this beautiful film I want to write a little summary about the greatest Artist of  XX – XXI century. I will try to quote his winged phrase: “ I regret that jeans are not created by me ” ( I apologize because of quotation  mistakes). I am happy that  denim clothes I Love so much are recognized by Yve Saint Laurent .


Yve Saunt Laurent and his muses Catherine Denueve; Lou lou de la Falaise; Betty Catroux.

Having looked through the film I confess that classical style is out of  the time and when you buy vintage things of Yve SaintLaurent you have to know that you really invest your money and they are not wasted. I am watching film about the maestro with Gaspard Ulliel and think that the actor who executing YSL is perfect. In spite of the wrong style of his life, (I mean how he had been destroying his health), Yve was the most  charming person. He was the greatest and he was YSL. He did have right to Live the way he wanted,  but couldn’t ruin his life consciously,  because he was the source of world  beauty(In my opinion ).


I watched  the both films once again with pleasure and  I am satisfied, very interesting. Faithfulness and love of Pierre Berge, elegance of YSL enchants me. I think Gaspard Ulliel’s execution is perfect and all the actors are perfect. The film shows all advantages and disadvantages, dirt and weakness of Yve and his close circle. The beauty and grace of his moving, beauty of his naked body,  beauty of his appearance and finally shape of his glasses which left in fashion forever- his  famous square glasses.


We inherited forever noble elegance of his clothes what he had been wearing and what he had been creating. His elegance manner of wearing clothes,  the beauty even his manner of smoking and holding cigarette.



HERE is YSL’s famous OPIUM and I am happy that I have got the both, his perfume and the very bag which was created when maestro was still working and creating on his own.

He gone but left YSL, who will be alive while the planet earth exists. I want to  end my modest little post with aria  also the greatest  Maria Callas.


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