It’s time to share with what I use for my face and body. How I take care my skin.

It is the one of the most pleasant and lovely process in my everyday routine. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is that I have a shower. On a weekend when I’m not in hurry the shower may lasts more than half an hour.

I try to take more pleasure and refund the moments what I lose during the quick shower. It’s some kind of psychological way to find pleasure and relax. It cures me, water takes off the stress. It’s not only the way to be clean and fresh.The shower gives me a pleasure just as like as to buy luxury bags, shoes, jewelry.

After a shower I apply my favorite body lotion by YVES ROCHER. It’s my favorite cosmetic brand. And I’m a customer of this brand for several years. The brand issues hypoallergenic products and it matches me perfectly. The body lotions: day and night creams, the blusher.


The body lotions with excellent velvet structure, day and night creams, rouge, brushes, foundation cream, mascara for eyelashes, cleaners, everything perfectly matches my skin.

But as about mascara I prefer MAX FACTOR 2000 CALORE. My eyelashes are very problematical. I inherited from my mom. So, short eyelashes almost do not exist. Only mascara by MAX FACTOR is able to create them from nothing. Can you imagine that my eye which I inherited from my mom – they are our visit card – the marsh green with almond shape. And different nourishing and rejuvenating masks. My masks will be the following  post.

The form of my body I keep with exercises and with walking around Turtle’s lake. It’s a beautiful place in Tbilisi as I already mentioned in my previous posts… and finally, I do a massage on my face to keep its form elastic.

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