To be honest I have found white color for myself only recently. I found out, that it is possible to wear white jeans, skirts and even shoes. I always was tended to wear black, green, dark blue colors and as white I used  a white shirt or very seldom as underwear.

Generally after 20 years civil war, after the dark and cold country without electricity, all my city wore dark clothes. Black color was a mark of high taste.

We have lost habit of wearing even nude colors. Closed space after ruined USSR  didn’t  afford  us to know  many about world priority and fashion. We heard about new trends when  they already weren’t the trends over the world, but fortunately that terrible time is over.

20 years ago I did have a jeans of LEE,  they were off white color,  straight classical form very expensive, but I did spot them with nail polish and they did need to change color. There weren’t the other better way by that time, so I disliked all light color clothes:

Since then I haven’t got light color things. This summer I wanted very much  classical, basic, white sneakers and than I thought that why not white color clothes? And  I bought white jeans of MANGO-straight and classical. I bought very basic light beige color shoes on heels( I will show them later) a years ago at my favorite shop TOSCA Tbilisi and all these things pushed me to risk wear light colors:

By now there are lots of ways and remedies to repair of light color shoes even in such a poor countries as Georgia.

So how to wear white and how to mix white. We used to use white as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, trench and coats. We used to use white as shirts, T-shirts, jackets, trench and coats, furs as outerwear, but it isn’t less  comfortable and stylish white suits , trousers as down clothes. Lot of women use  trousers in dry weather even in winter and it is very stylish tend.

If we are talking about white trousers personally I prefer to wear white jeans for casual outfits and even for evening outfits, we can ad even one bright thing for example accessory or bright sandals or jacket or T-shirt and a white jeans at the same time calms this brightness and we will have very stylish evening outfit:


It is only my approach because jeans is my  favorite thing, I always feel more comfortable in jeans than in trousers. If you prefer to wear trousers I think it would be better I f you choose more structured form or more flying material.

Don’t choose cotton trousers according your body they already are old fashioned. For summer you can choose white trousers according your taste with white T-shirts with prints and without prints. Total  white has never let down anybody:



You can use white suits, as well white jacket and shorts even in town  for summer season. Please remember when you wear something open down for example sandals always put something closed up or vise versa, short and jacket, trousers and open top and e.c. It will be as elegant as sexy.

As for jeans the most important to know the form of your jeans, my piece of advice when a case touches to white jeans don’t choose the super skinny, because they will show all defects of our body. Remember there should be air between you and jeans. I want to emphasize that white jeans are particularly in trend  among women over 50s and every woman’s must have thing in wardrobe:

White jeans may be mix in town with all colors shirt at office, with all color T – shirts without dress code. White  extinguishes all  sparkling colors, bright prints and  balance outfits:


White color loved very much light blue with its all tones and  beige colors with all it’s tones. They are classic mixes:

White trousers, jeans or skirts and black silk shirt or blouse it isn’t already something usual it is very fresh and original mix:

White works excellently in winter as I already mentioned in dry weather  with leather jackets with coats and trenches:

White loves very much grey  and military mixes:

White loves particularly brown and caramel accessories. It is my favorite mix, caramel belts, sunglasses and bag with  white jeans or white sneakers, but it  looks  as excellent with red, white and black accessories also. I want to  emphasize that I never wear sneakers with jeans in summer season my  combinations are sneakers with silk skirts or dresses and jeans with ballet shoes. I mix  only black jeans and sneakers in winter when I wear coats:

White works with every bright and dark colors for four seasons . It needs only right mix for example white shorts can change ordinary denim shorts in summer and particularly if we use thatch  bag we will create really unique outfit:


Dears I tried to explain all possible ways how to wear and use white as underwear clothes. Write your opinion, be free in your comments.Write what do you prefer to wear,  read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.


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