Jeans, jeans, jeans they are the most favorite clothes in men’s and women’s wardrobe. I even can’t imagine my wardrobe without jeans and generally denim clothes . Dear here is my video, watch and I promise you will spend these several minutes with pleasurehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnHzPlAtvzo&t=56s


Jeans  already have got their deserved  place in the world and they are confessed all over the world.

Even the greatest  Yve Saunt Laurant  confessed that  jeans were the most sexual items of  humanity’s wardrobe.

“The only I regret, that jeans aren’t  invented by me- they have got impression, modesty, sexual attraction, simplicity-all what  I hope in my  clothes”  Yve Saunt Laurant.




Today in the trend are flare and trapezoid jeans, but we won’t forget that kind of form  may emphasize kind of parts of our body what we want to hide. In this case we have to wear shoes with heels if our height is low than 1, 70mm..

We have to remember that jeans can make our look very stylish an sexual, but if we don’t know our exact style of jeans, they can spoil all our outfits and shape of our body.

As jeans active user my recommendation is: not to fallow trends and find your own jeans .For example straight and skinny jeans with middle waist are out of time, they are traditional and always in fashion.

Fashion experts recommendation is: when we wear skinny jeans with middle waist which is  in fashion forever we should wear something wide above(shirt, t-shirt, jacket, sweater, coat or et.c.) .(N4 skinny  jeans and wide above)

In case we wear straight or flare jeans we саn dress the outer clothing in jeans. Jeans have got their traditional denim color. Anyway I am admirer of traditional  colors of srtraight  jeans, Dark blue , which is trend of 2018-19 years, black jeans which is unique and always in trend and different tones of grey color jeans which also are out of time.

Today we can fresh our  old jeans with turning their ends or with cutting  and wearing it. without any correction their  top of trends  call as  unworked  ends.


And finally collage of my favorite outfits for coming up autumn which is out of time and in fashion always . The fashion changes but style is eternal.

Paris Fashionweek, Fw 2016, day 1

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