I haven’t  written reviews of read books for a long time, because  I noticed that my reader more like posts about fashion, but  because of my blog real idea is life style including art, music, books I can’t pass the books , which keep my spiritual balance. I can’t even imagine my life without reading interesting books. Reading gives me self confidence as feeling when I dressed stylish, So I decided to post  a very favorite novel which are devoted Parisian women and French  Fashion. I read this book in my early youth , but recently I reread it with great pleasure.

Au Bonheur des Dames / Ladies Paradise is among of my favorite novels. Very beautiful love story which happens in Paris of mid -nineteenth century.

The novel tells a story of  a 20-year-old  poor woman  Dennise from Valognes, who comes to Paris with her younger brothers and begins working as a saleswoman at the department store “Au Bonheur des Dames”. Zola the most  attractively  describes the inner workings of the store from the employees’ perspective.  Author mentions also  about hard work day during 13 hours. Many of the conflicts in the novel spring from each employee’s struggle for advancement and the malicious infighting and gossip among the staff.

(BBC version)

Octave Mouret, the owner of Au Bonheur des Dames and the main hero of the novel. Octave has gathered textiles (silks, woolens) as well as all manner of ready-made garments (dresses, coats, lingerie, gloves), accessories necessary for making clothes, and ancillary items like carpeting and furniture. He gathered everything under one roof.

Octave Mouret tries to create kind of space for women , where would be most attractive for them, where they spend their finances,  would be able to find even place to rest, to read, to eat after shopping. He created a service to deliver orders to home and returning service as well. Place where they would get pleasure.


Despite his contempt for women, Octave finds himself slowly falling in love with Denise, whose refusal to be seduced by his charms further inflames him. The book ends with Denise admitting her love for Octave. Her marriage with Octave is seen as a victory for women.

(Italian version)

Recently I catch myself at the fact that  my  point of view about this or that novel read by me is a bit  different than it  should be. I like Denise and I am for women’s victory, but I also like very much Mouret.

It is very beautiful plot to read and if you haven’t know this novel I recommend it, because I always see how popular is the  themes  around Paris, about  chic of Parisian women and  their life style. It would be a big mistake to pass by this novel. So I decided to review this beautiful novel of the greatest French  writer, novelist, playwright  Émile Zola who introduced exactly that French  life style  but during mid nineteen century.


There are exist to version of films Italian and England By BBC, I show photos of both version and link of BBC serial. I wish you a pleasant viewing.https://www1.123moviestube.io/serie/the-paradise-1187/s1/watching.html

In Russian Languagehttp://baskino.me/serial/6990-damskoe-schaste.html

In addition for my readers I want to announce that very soon I issue my youtube videos and we will be able to hear or read my posts. My son who  helps me with everything what does touch my website promised to create my video channel.

My dearests write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me. With love and respect, your Kate.


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