Posts about my summer favorites I will introduce when my purchases will be delivered. I did online shopping and looking forward for the results.

I ordered white sneakers of Nike, very feminine. I have been looking for a long time in white color and the very model – Nike Cortez. I know that ugly sneakers are in top trends, but that kind of style is not mine. I’m not going to feel uncomfortable in order to be in trend. My new woven straw vintage bag by PRADA is on the road, my proud and happiness for my all outfits. I know that baskets are in trends, but I don’t like baskets, they are not in my style as well. I prefer to hold PRADA’s bag. How do you think, am I right or wrong? Comment please. Your opinion is very important. A friend of mine came across it in Milan, the vintage woven straw by PRADA and immediately called me. I sent money to her and she bought it for me. Now I’m waiting for our common friend, who has to return from his business tour from Italy. He will bring me my PRADA.

My new parfum by ESTEE LAUDER’s Sensous my favorite, my son ordered it for my B/D gift (by the way my BD was in 7 of April), it was not in stock in the very day so, he ordered later.

Now I will list the clothes which must have to be in women’s wardrobe for 2018 spring/summer. Dears it is only my approach to this fact. They are only my preferences.

Outerwear: Summer trenches according to your preferences. Beige, camel, grey, black, red which color do you prefer to, up to the ankle or knee.Take into the consideration that trench is out of time clothes.

Traditional Denim Jackets: color according your preference. Denim jackets are also out of time and very practice clothes.



Essential T-shirts: white, black, grey colors. But high quality take into the consideration.



My tea dress. I could not find any in mass markets. I’m waiting for a friend of mine, she has got her own showroom and four times in a year travels to Milan to deliver new collections of clothes for her shop. She promised to bring the very model of tea dress that I want so much.




Little black dress and nude color dresses are out of time everywhere. I prefer to wear them with sneakers or bright sandals, not with heels. In the contrary Jeans I prefer to wear with classical shirts or blouses and with heels. It is approach of CHANEL’s style icon Ines de la Fressange.

Combined clothes with incompatible clothes, well-known style of Parisians.

If you noticed it is impossible to imagine my wardrobe without Essential oversize white T-shirts. I always have feelings of lack of white shirts, each month I need a new one to calm myself:)))) isn’t it funny?¬† I am never pleased with my purchases if there isn’t a white shirt. It is a subject to joke for my son, but in spite of my passion of having enormous amount of white shirts for spring / summer wardrobe I also need one striped shirt, desirable with black, blue and white stripes (I like modesty).

White and striped blouses as well, but for summer I prefer to have shirt without sleeves.

What about dress: tea dress is my preference for over years. As for me kind of dress with floral print, 100% silk with cowboy boots is the perfect outfit for all seasons. Imagine  chilly summer evenings, tea dress and white sneakers. Yes, kind of sneakers are also out of times and for all seasons. As I already maintained I prefer feminine sneakers, but I like ugly sneakers as well, so you can wear it if you like .

Pleated midi skirts, jeans midi and short, silks and asymmetrical skirt are topical of 2018 spring-summer seasons.


What about shoes: I always like to have things out of time, classical clothes. Sandals in CHANEL style, ballet shoes. leather crossover sandals perfect way for summer hot days in 2018 summer.

Jeans, jeans and again jeans, dark blue, light blue, white, grey – all are in use, I love everything in denim. Jeans, denim dress, shorts, short skirts of denim, all depends on your preferences.


Topical bags of the season are woven straw basket bags, plastic bags and wire bags. But for middle age women as me, I prefer more respectable woven straw bag, what I can handle during my work meetings without feeling of awkwardness.


Jewelry is the main part of my outfits. 2018 topical trends are the earrings with flower forms, different size and forms, circles, big squares, with shell forms very topical, mono and circles. I like them very much. Zara and Mango offer very attractive earrings and I decided to buy them. Earrings of different forms – with stone, metallic.


Sunglasses: I don’t remember if I wrote how I love luxury accessories, particularly sunglasses (I have got my modest collection). I will write one highlight post dedicated to my scarves, sun glasses, bags and costume jewelry.

In addition post about swimsuits will be created separately.

My dears be free in your comments and post your opinion. Write what do you prefer to wear, read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.




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