This video/ post  about must have shoes which every stylish women do have. Every season we are witness of the new trends, but classical style is immortal. I gathered the must have shoes  and when we do have this kinds of items we can add the trends bravely. We can  wear mass market clothes, but shoes needs to  be invest our money. Quality  basic shoes will serve to us years and will deserve the money we paid. Here is video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkyzsoE86Tg

Mules are stylish and comfortable to wear they any season, in any color and with any high of heels, but when there is cold weather outside I prefer to suggest without heels or in very low heels especially you have to walk much:

In winter season you can wear mules with fur inside. They match almost all kind of casual outfits. But I prefer to wear they with my favorite jeans:

Oxford shoes. I even can’t imagine autumn/winter  seasons without Trench and Oxfords. Quality Oxford have been serving me already eight years and looks excellent .They worth to invest money without hesitation:

By the way oxfords also can be with heels, but the stylish women use more classical oxfords:


Loafer shoes are Parisians favorite as Oxfords. I prefer to Oxford but it’s a case of a person’s taste and preferences. You can find different type of loafers and oxfords in mass markets, but kind of shoes must to be  invested money, because then they will serve you for years:


Bellow you will see  pumps shoes, high boots, rough half- boots and all they are vintage. It does mean that you must invest your money freely because as I remember they haven’t left  the stage of  the fashion  already the second decade.


Leather   or suede ankle boots with city heels :

Shoes pumps  of  natural  color(black, beige, blue, navy, brown, different of grey. Almost vintage:

Rough half  boots almost vintage:

High boots vintage:

Sneakers white and any other colors according your preference:

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