I won’t be the first and a new one who touches this theme, summer is coming and they theme is very active. Most of people wait for the news about trend shoes of summer 2018.

I always try to write about thing(items) what I wear or use myself and they are checked and I am sure what about I write. So  in this case I decided to write also about the shoes I considered  to  have every stylish woman over the 40-50s. to feel comfort and confidence.

I remember the time when I wore the trend shoes at the cost of bruises and blisters on the legs in order to be in the top of the latest trends, but this time is over. I think every woman did have kind of time in his life. From the today’s view I think it was a problem of  having complex of INFERIORITY and we wanted to hide our weakness with trends, to tell shortly it is the  childhood.


It doesn’t mean that I don’t allow the trends, not of course,  but it is time to find comfortable and trend together and it is very easy.
The first I consider  must have shoes for me are ballet shoes of different forms, style and colors, especially black(for all seasons), pink what is trend of this summer. Anyway pink is nude color and as long as I remember myself, nude colors are always in trend cause they are out of time.


You know it is very funny, but I bless a person who’s Idea was to create sport chic tendency. So white sneakers as classical, red also classical and trend color of years and black  are the main part of our shoes  collection. White sneakers deservedly holds their place in our summer wardrobe.


No doubt and I am sure, that it is not theme to discuss that Chanel slingback shoes are out of time and in trend forever. Shoes, sandals and ballets create by COCO CHANEL  left in the trends forever.These shoes show high taste and  bread buttered on both sides of their owners.

Yes I know, that not every woman can afford CHANEL slinkbacks, even I can’t already for a long time, but TOD’S has got the almost exact items. I know that TOD’S is not cheap label anyway.  I am happy , because I bought TOD’S ballets in the last  winter on sale, in  combination of pink and dark ultra violet colors.


Any style of Shoes Famous Rojer Vivier, what is mark of high taste, but they also aren’t reachable for everybody.Very pity, but….



But we can afford Tory Burch on sale and I guarantee they are very stylish,  because I have color of bright ultra violet and they are excellent. I showed my ballets of Tory  Burch thousand times:))) you know them.

We also Know that mass markets as ZARA spoil us with it’s replica, so I am going to buy the new one as soon as I find my size.


Mules in heels, without heels, especially open loafers for summer. I prefer to nude color  for summer.I think as called slides and open mules can be the same things. Mules without heels looks like slides, really I don’t see any important difference( it is only my opinion dears, but slides much more comfortable in summer season anyway).I like these kind of shoes very much.

Most desirable for every woman are famous HERMES slides, but ZARA don’t betray it’s customs and showed his customers the excellent replica.


Sandals on heels for night parties or for going to concert hall and theatre, to the Opera theatre.
Especially sandals with Roman armbands, with and without heels. The higher are armbands the outfits looks more fashionable.


Roman sandals with armbands were always in fashion. In my opinion they already does have their  private place in our summer wardrobe long time ago.

Rough sandals with a rough platform are the new and the trend of this summer  to be honest I like this tipe of shoes. If I feel comfortable in them I will buy  them and show you.


Finally classical sandals in heels, they are out of time, basic and every woman must have them in his wardrobe. They look especially excellent with smoking suits, with jeans and long sleeves shirts. All together create absolutely classical outfits, which can be shown every where even in the red carpet(it is not my opinion it is well known fact).


My dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear,  read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.

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