My every day is very busy.  I get up at 6 o’clock in the morning to do everything until it is time to go to work. I am in a hurry all morning:  praying, having quick shower,  preparing lunch to take, having breakfast, to dress up and to do light makeup .It is my every morning routine.

To be honest I have not been interesting in my job for years. It is the job to earn for living and to be up to date which is not my goal. But unemployment is so terribly spread in my country that I thank God that I have got the respectable job.

The world become crazy and stressed. The people are stressed. Especially in my country there are a lot of problems. So the main reason why I started my blog was the free space for my own ideas and opinions.

I started my blog to post about cultural events, but then I decided to make my blog the main part of my life, because in every post I put my soul and a lot of energy, so I decided  to run my diary. To write about my thinks, about interesting people, about interesting events, generally what I am interesting in and what fills my life. It will be my diary here, I will write about everything what touches and affects me, my impressions, my feelings and even about my anger. At the same way I will always be ready to read your problems and change experiences with you… As you have already noticed I love reading very much.

As you already have noticed reading is one of the best ways to relax for me. It calms me. It replaced the friends of mine. Yes, the friends of mine. The time of luxury lifestyle, when we could spend evenings with friends, when we were going everywhere and doing everything what we would like to without responsibilities, it’s already in past.

I remember the days when we could visit each other without invitation and without warning beforehand. The world obviously changed, the speed of life changed. These great changes are very noticeable especially in the environment of former USSR.

The changes touched my country too painfully and particularly my generation. To be honest the main part of men in my generation died. One part during the civil war and the rest of them were killed in the war of Apkhasia.

The part of alive can’t find themselves, unfortunately. I’m very happy that there are coming very talented youth. They can speak different languages, got skills and interests and are having totally different desires in life. The real European, open-minded youth with contemporary points of views like my son and his generation with absolutely different mentality, who ruins stigma of USSR because they do not pay attention to the wild frames of restrictions.

It has occurred gradually. I even haven’t realized  how I have came to this point that I started to write  so openly about  myself and give a chance to public read about me. I’m too closed person. I have never told the things which is related to me or my family, but consistently I have got used to be open hearted with my readers because I respect you and want to share my experience with you, also take your experience into consideration.

According today I’m a start up blogger and of course you can encourage me to make my blog more and more interesting. You have to point what kind of topics you have liked more. What kind of themes you are interesting in. You have already seen the style of my blog – my diary. Write me about the cases you are willing to, ask me if you want to know something around me and I promise to answer each of your questions as soon as possible. With respect and with love my dears.

Dears be free in your comments and wait for the new posts.In addition for my readers I decided to update my blog three times in a week to keep high quality of my blog and to write only interesting and quality posts: on Wednesday, on Saturday and on Sunday.

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