Today I am very happy and my satisfaction is limitless, my sunglasses by D&G is repaired. My vintage sunglasses.

First of all I want emphasize the matter about my love of vintage things. I have never bought vintage things. The clothes, accessories, shoes and etc. what I show as the vintage things were the new and included of the new collections when I bought them. It was very pity is that in my youth when I did not earn money myself and my parents supported me. I had not appreciate the value of the things what I did have and my parents were buying for us. I only had to have to wish and my dreams came true . When my mother was buying a new bag of Louis Vuitton, I could gift my old one( which I gained several months ago) to my friend.


I did not take care. My family was well supported, we did have A cabaret restaurant and two Fashion showrooms. Brands were ordinary things for me. Consistently I had been understanding how difficult it was to manage Cabaret during civil war. How heavy it was for my parents to do everything for our luxury life.Step by step I started to value remaining things.


I buy the luxury things up to now, but not as often(two times a week) as before, I have not got as many income money, but the bags accessories, belts shoes, glasses what I bought years ago become the vintage things. have not they? For example cross body bag by YSL, which my mother bought to me 30 years ago with real signature of the greatest artist. It is out of time and looks absolutely perfectly, I hold it with proud.


My sunglasses which i bought 20 years ago black classical D&G, It is also a vintage , is not it? I broke glasses of it and have been waiting for the new quality glasses for 2 years. And finally They are repaired. I had to announce about this event.


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4 thoughts on “My favorite Dolce & Gabbana.

  1. It is lovely that you preserve things from your parents. When we take care of clothes they can last for a long time. Lux brands are usually of good quality. I love vintage items. I often wear vintage clothes, clothing items inherited from my grandmothers, my mother and aunts. Fortunately, I can fit into vintage clothes.

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