I have been looking for shoes with Leopard print. I found shoes like I wanted in ZARA  official website, but unluckily there was not that pair at ZARA of Tbilisi. It is well known for me that Zara’s collections are different for different countries.

You even can’t imagine how far is East Point trade center where I drove to buy the shoes with leopard print by Zara. And today I bought another flat shoes in Bata which includes : GEOX, ECCO and etc.companies(Here is a link of Bata, in spite of there is not a pair like mine, because I bought my shoes in Bata’s shop, I think you can find very fashion other one): .https://www.batashoes.be/category/eu-news-new-in/706376-hogl

I use shoes of Bata. I am very satisfied of these shoes. Now I will see is this new pair as quality as the other my shoes which I bought last year and two years and four years ago. I always wear high quality shoes. Particularly luxury shoes and bags are signature of my mother and then my, but recently I  have not got find worthy shoes with leather base.


You know that everything and everywhere are produced  in China. I have not got anything against China, but in my country most of China productions are low quality and spoil very soon, that is why I prefer to find good shoes makers which is also very difficult. I know as an ordinary mass market, as famous Brands need to extend their markets that is why, China is  the most reach and profitable market for  every kind things, but very often we come across problem with quality, even when we buy  famous labels.



I am satisfied because my new shoes are made in Serbia. I bought gorgeous green silk blouse By Lanvin which is made also in Serbia so, I have a chance to wear my new shoes not only one season in my opinion, but let us to see.

I have already  wrote that I took for days of my holiday. In my country when you work at Public service,  we are able to divide our holiday . I took four days of my holiday and added three free days of Easter and enjoyed for 9 days, but they are ending.

I tried to sleep as long as possible, to sport as often as possible, to read and to rest as much as possible. It is the first time I am so lazy to go to work. Obviously blog became my favorite work and writing for my readers, creating posts for my readers, take photos, thinking about improving my blog are the most enjoyable work for me.

Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear , read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts.Wait for the new posts.Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.


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