As  I  have already mentioned I will talk about good books. I already created a wall which I named “Books I have read recently”. Then I decided to divide part of the books in two parts. The other part I named my favorite writers and novels/works.

The first writer I would like to talk about is Somerset Maugham. I got acquainted with his work 30 years ago when I was approximately 17-19 years old. It will not be surprising for anyone who knows Somerset Maugham works that I fall in love with his “Theatre”. Thereafter other novels as well. But today I want to remember only “Theatre” and I’m going to reread that great novel. I consider it is a masterpiece of literature and if young people want to share original literature, in my opinion they should start with Somerset Maugham.


Now what is the novel “Theatre” about: It  was written in 1937 and there is ironically described a history of the most beautiful actress who is in her middle age crisis. That crisis forced her to find another love by side, with a boy, 25 years younger. The main heroine of the novel is Julia Lambert. She is 46 years old and she is the famous actress. Apart from she does have the wonderful family: husband Michael – an editor and owner of the same theatre “Sidonise” where Julia is the acting star. Apart of she has got a son who is very successful actor Roger with numerous admirers. Actually, Djulia’s life goes on perfectly. Her husband Michael is a closed and moderate person. Djulia disliked this feature of Mike and love consistently started to disappear. All her feelings she masked under her roles and showed only on the  scene. At  the same time she met a young accountant, Tomas, who 25 years younger. She madly fall in love with  him. She made him the closest member of her family. Very soon their relationship became well known for everybody and her reputation consistently started to ruin. There was nobody who didn’t judge her. She had been forced to realize the truth. Besides everything the relationships strained between the family members. Her  son and  husband were against of her.


Later she felt that Tom did not love her anymore and their relationship was only a chance toward the London’s high circle and to join it’s bohemian lifestyle as an equal member. But she realized she had lost a lot of time because she wasn’t able to control her passion. She was in a very silly position. And also found out that Tomas was dating other women as well. But she had been terribly insulted when she found out that young actress who was recommended by Tomas as a  new actress for  her Theatre, was his future wife and  they were going to marry. Djulia decided to expose and get rid of Tomas. She triumphantly fulfilled her idea on the stage cheerfully performing her role together with her colleague – Tomas’s bridge and ruining down her  future carrier right on the stage.


Finally she made a rather exciting speech. The idea and meaning of her speech was like the following: It’s said that playing – is a double game and that double game is a face of a real life.

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