The first of all I want to apologize my readers because of missing posts in the current week Dears you know I am very busy woman and I did have very busy week with important meetings and deals. Never assume that I abandon my blog. I put so many my mental source that it is forever.

The second is, that I am absolutely non-photogenic. How many times would I try to take real photo, each time without result. There are only several photos  which show my real face and look. So please don’t think that I have got as fat lags or so destroyed body. I am thin, high of 1m and 67 sm , with green eyes.. I know there are existed people  non – photogenic. Always when unknown people , who met me the first time and they saw me on a photo are shocked and accent that it is totally different and I look much more better, absolutely another woman. I  used to get  angry, but then got used to receive this unpleasant fact.

Now about my spring favorite outfits and things. The first is my D&G vintage sunglasses. I wrote and show it several time and it is not a new one. Anyway  the things I will list today almost all are  vintage.

I mentioned several times that I would create a separate post about my sunglasses, but I could not because haven’t found appropriate mood yet, I have got several quality sunglasses and they deserve separate attention.


In spite of to change glasses according my mood or outfits, each time the hand reaches out to these points, because they are the most comfortable, they hold very softly and easy on my face I even don’t feel that I wear sunglasses, which cover almost all my face. They have got classical form out of time and as we know the most fashionable French women who  approve style wear such kind of glasses even in the raining weather. So I wear and will wear this D&G proudly and will feel as stylish woman.


Denim in my life is unchangeable clothes. I love denim and always try to put on something in denim. My denim jacket. It served me honestly and will serve also not only one season. We know that denim matches to every thing from the day casual outfits up to evening silk dress or silk trousers. We can wear it proudly at evening parties with kind of success as with casual outfits.



My man kind shoes calls as “Oxford”(please wright and correct if I call it with mistake).they are really perfect and suits everything from silk to denim and for all seasons. They are very quality I think ,because I bought them at very luxury showroom in Tbilisi “Sancho”.

My formed orange color cross body bag of ZARA. I bought it while my ISTANBUL traveling. It was rather expensive leather, but I even didn’t imagine that bag of mass market would be as quality. It does not lose even the bright of orange and deservedly it holds a place among my favorite things.


About 8 years ago at very Luxury boutique I bought two very quality things of viscose: black cardigan and grey color sweater I paid 200$ for each item, but gradually I understood that cardigan was very uncomfortable for me. I tried to wear, then tried to gift somebody, because it was absolutely the new, but I am slim and all my friends are more wide and nobody could suit. So it left to hang in my wardrobe.

And…a month and half ago I tried to cover my shoulders with this cardigan and I found out, that it is so comfortable, so quality, so stylish and perfectly suits me. Since then I wear it almost every day and I am happy that didn’t give to anybody because such the cardigans did cost about 200 EURO in Paris when I have been in there last autumn.

My turquoise necklace, it is also vintage, but my favorite since mom gifted it to me. It suits to everything from essential T-shirt up to silk dress.

And finally my,  vintage cotton half shirt/half blouse with short sleeves by MANGO, which was also very uncomfortable and hanged in my wardrobe for years. I also found it and wear with pleasure. The fact that if you have got something the new and think that it does not suit you, put away and save. I promise that the time will come and you find that it is the most stylish thing in your wardrobe.

Francoise Sagan- you know how much I love her novels and my favorite of past spring “ Des bleus à l’âme”/ “Fish blood”

The main chip of the novel is that it starts very ordinary and a reader follows the ordinary plot, but suddenly very unexpected the author highlights the main hero as a brave very honest nd strong character who is ready to commit crazy things maintain self respect.

A creative, sensitive person encounters the machine of inhuman existence in occupied France, tries to be decent, seeks an outlet, does not find and eventually takes the only correct, albeit terrible decisions in the astonishing novel of the modern classic Francoise Sagan “Fish Blood”.

Happiness fleeting and falsely. Eternal is only sadness.

As for films in this spring I didn’t have any favorite unfortunately.

My dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear,  read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.

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