Spring already came obviously March shows his crazy nature, but fact is that winter finished. So I want to remember the things which are, as I consider my winter favorites. These are clothes, shoes, accessories, books, film.

The first I want to mention is My Coat/Trench of BURBERRY. It is half trench half coat. It is my favorite not only one season. I bought it several years ago, It was rather expensive as you know, But I fall in love with this Trench at the first sight. I don’t know how, but it is warm in winter and I can wear my BURBERRY also in spring season. It is unique.

I want to be fair and mention my vintage black leather bag. I don’t remember how long I hold it and it is almost the new. Anyway I got a bit tired to see it and I decided to put it aside for a while to miss it again. It is produced in Italy, but not of something well known label, but it is hard shape and hard leather and has never lost the shape. It is worth to be my favorite.


My tweed coat with black sleeves and with zip in front of,100% wool and cashmere. It is hand made by local fashion atelier” IMERI” http://www.imeri.ge/index.php?lang=en. I know this atelier for several years and see that they create high quality clothes. I experienced it myself and I can recommend it without any doubt. This coat is out of time, classical style, warm, soft, comfortable and my winter favorite.

Black viscose turtleneck of MANGO, warm soft and the beautiful which I can wear with everything: with jeans, with leather skirt . Absolutely unique.

As for jeans they always my favorite, I mentioned several times that without denim(things/clothes) I feel naked myself :).


Sunglasses of Alexander Mcqueen – Dark blue with square form with monograms on the both sides. My mother gifted it to me a year ago on my birthday.
It is very funny because it covers almost all my face, but I like it so much and it matches me and I always look very stylish with my blue Mcqueen.

And finally my natural fur boots. I can speak about my fur boots endless. They are warm, comfortable, beautiful and very expensive. They being made hand made and you have to find proper master- shoes maker who knows and who has got proper experience in making kind of boots.


My mom bought the fur several years ago, found a master and ordered two pairs for both of us. Later when I wanted to have another pair of other color, I could not explain how long it took to find a proper shoes maker, because the very master, who made our first boots went to abroad.

My recent favorite cereal is “The blacklist”, about life one of the most influence head of criminal world Raymond “Red” Reddington and Elizabeth Keen who is special agent of FBI and gradually they reveal that Elizabeth is Red Reddington’s daughter and real reason of Red’s collaboration with FBI is Elizabeth and being close to her. Red is my favorite character.

The film includes 5 seasons. I watched the four seasons in one breath and now looking forward the fifth season to watch.


Now about my winter favorite books. I did a review of book about Parisian women. “How to be real Parisian where you are” create by: Anne Berest; Audrey Diwa; Caroline De maigret; Sophie Mas; Before this very pleasant book I read “Des bleus à l’âme” by my favorite Françoise Sagan and I am going to write review very soon. Now I read her one more novel: “Un Sang d’aquarelle “. This reading has been lasting for a long time, what is very strange for me anyway, but the reason is that I am always very tired after work and the only desire I have is to get bed to sleep.

Now I am looking forward the Red Friday because I got part of my holiday and I am going to read and to sleep:)

Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion. Write what do you prefer to wear, read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.





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