I want to apologize my readers that  my post renew only once in a week, because I am very busy at work. You know that there is time of holiday, I can’t use my holiday for traveling because I have been redecorating my another flat for renting in the end of July. Almost all my co- workers traveling so I do have too many work.

I think it  is the very time to create a post about sunglasses. The summer came and sunglasses are the main accessory of the season, although as for me they are the main accessory for four seasons. It is incomplete outfits without classical sunglasses for me, but it is only for me.

Present trend narrow cat’s sunglasses, that blew up the world’s fashionable space, which I don’t confess,  my apologize. Well Known brands as Prada, Miu miu  created  these trends and all fashion bloggers over the world show them on their istangram. But time will pass and  I am sure these sunglasses will be forgotten as usual top trends because they are very uncomfortable in use.


I offer to look through more classical, timeless sunglasses which worth to invest money and they will serve you not only one year.

The first who brought style of square black frames was the greatest Yves Saint Laurent.He founded this adorable style which become out of time. Gradually this style has been taken by other famous designers and Fashion houses.

I remember my very first designer sunglasses. It was while USSR I was a student at the university when mom bought white sunglasses by Christian Dior. There is photo below it was taken in Capital of USSR Moscow at the Street of Arbat. I fixed my hair with my white sunglasses. Beside me is my baby. They  did have white silk box with white silk napkin for clearing  with CD monogram. The sunglasses itself was with CD monograms in both sides . They  did have a little bit kitten glasses form and light blue glass. These  glasses was totally shocking item for that SOVIET UNION space.

what I did? gave to somebody, lost I really don’t remember, the second was  by Juny Versace and aslo shocking one. there was a civil war in Georgia, our country just lost Abkhazia- the most beautiful seaside  part of my country (  Although Abkhazia is under RUSSIA domination up to now and 30% of Georgia land as well) and can you imagine, in that dark , destroyed, in the city without any legal law, I found authentic Johnny Versace sunglasses. Black, with silver monograms on the both sides, form of square with several corners, with caramel color box with silk inside and with silk napkin.

The first photo  at Batumi seaside resort: I with friends and our babies;

Second I, my son and my husband at Batumi( It is 90 s , when Abkhazia seaside was already occupied By RUSSIA).

I at Batumi.(90s years)

By that time it was more than something fashion, it was mark of high taste, supported life(although that very time my family did run cabaret restaurant. I remember by that time I didn’t properly  appreciate what I did have, and how difficult it was to keep financial balance and peace in the family).

For my young reader I have to mark the fact that it was the very time, when there weren’t internet and even mobile phones invented, I don’t mention IPHONES,  so unfortunately I haven’t got  better photo of my Dior and VERSACE sunglasses.

The following  was black “Furla” with shape of aviator, but with narrow handles an “F” monogram on the  both sides. They were  very comfortable because of special glass for drivers, what afforded chance the best vision while driving. They were put in special leather box with zip and with silk napkin with “F” monogram. When I gained my D&G black aviators I gifted my Furla to my co-worker. It was exception chance  when I regretted and regret up to now, because that person didn’t realize  what was “Furla” and value of the item .


I and my little nephew at Tutrtle lake


You saw multiple times black aviators  by D&G. They really are very comfortable model and very stylish, out of time. Each time when I gather my outfit I try to stop myself because my hand goes toward D&G. They have special silk box with magnetic lock and  D&G monogram over it. The only discomfort caused by the measure of the box. Measure of boxes are common problem for recent years, because most of models do have very big boxes. Even my Diana Von Fustenberg- for reading, their box was  so big that I had to take  other, more cheap box, It was very big.

My ” Sonia Rykiel “my real elegant sunglasses, vintage with silver handles and cut ” SR “ monograms on the metal handles. Combination of black narrow frame with the metal is really excellent.They were put in the brown elegant box with red silk napkin. They always are the object of attention and admirable. They are the object of my proud and love. They show my knowledge of buying excellent items.

My Balenciaga in dark malachite color,  they are  mix of different dark greens with twisted handles and with Balenciaga monograms on the both sides.The box is the separate theme. It is the biggest one with off white silk inside and with black monograms on the inside wall. Silk napkin is also  with black words, although it’s glasses  are rather light brown color, what makes very pleasant feelings.

Alexander Mcqueen deep blue, squered,  silver metal print around frame, with wide handles and with metal monograms on the both sides of handles. They are very Stylish, very beautiful , but rather heavy and little bit uncomfortable.

They were put in the special leather substitute box with zip, there is a monogram on the front side of the box, and this glasses has got red silk napkin with black monogram of Alexander Mac Queen.


Jill Sander’s glasses  for  long-range vision color of caramel with color of rust handles . monogram is on the left handle only. I love very much them. They were in deep blue silk box with Jill Sander’s monogram above and has got dark blue color silk napkin.


Dear I wrote  one part of my sunglasses the rest three I left at my parent’s apartment. I plan to show  review about my bags and scarves, because only quality accessory are able create and complete  really fashionable and stylish outfits which is always out of time.

My dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear,  read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.

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