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Today I want to touch French women in age. As I have mentioned I read The book about Parisian women’s lifestyle wrote By Caroline de Maigret , Sophie Mas., Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan.  The book which is created and based according to the those very famous, successful and  beautiful women. Over the years I have heard about particular chic of Parisian women. I have to emphases once again that we were brought up under the USSR domination and we knew only that famous Parisian women were very beautiful actresses, nothing else about them. We tried to imitate Parisian women according to the gossips and legends we had heard.






One happy day about which we even couldn’t afford to dream this terrible system was destroyed  and we gained many possibilities to explore the free world and to breath the free air. Step by step this legendary  Paris with it’s incredible sightseeing become reachable for us.

Don’t let nobody to say that they know what does mean the content of the phrase “Parisian chic” if they did not see real Parisian women in Paris around real French atmosphere. I would never realized the real content of the book “How to be real Parisian wherever you are”, if I haven’t visited Paris.

And yet what is the secret of French women chic?

It found out that nothing more except of knowledge how to wear things, in lifestyle, how to get married, how to go to the first date. Nothing else…

The main feature of Parisian women is that they shine wherever they are, they sparkle not before they wear something sparkling, no… They sparkle even when they wear old jeans black blazer and modest T-shirt.

To be honest it is Parisian women’s uniform. The main secret of their dressing is that they always buy very modest but the most chic things. The modest chic is the clue of Parisian chic. The love of freedom and love of yourself is one of the clues of the unrepeatable French’s feature chic.The Parisian women have got their signature in dressing, they have got the “must have” things in their wardrobe: Jeans – without which it is impossible to imagine Parisian women’s wardrobe. White oversize shirt from the shoulder of her boyfriend, maybe she will split him but she wear shirt even she will be with another man. Black oversize blazer, leather jacket,leather trousers,  jeans jacket, white and black t-shirts, striped sailor t-shirt, based colors coats, leopard printed coat, traditional trench coat which they can wear even on the naked body.


As for shoes: ballet shoes,  men’s-style shoes for lace-ups, loafers, beige and blackberries on hairpins, pair of Bedford’s. They say no and no to Ugg boots. Parisian women never wear ugg boots. The monochrome black color is their favorite and particularly main color for them especially for the night events, for the theatres. They inherited this love from the greatest Yves Saint Laurent.They love to dissolve in the night with their black monochrome clothes.

One of the important features of Parisian women is the natural look of their hair. They even can cut their hair themselves. It needs knowledge to create as naturally as Parisian women. You never find gray hair on their head. The motto of Parisian women is no grey hair or all grey hair. The most of purchases they do on a website – “ebay” where they find vintage things. Parisian women’s passion  to vintage things is well known. They are free, they save their right and freedom but they are very traditional. They never visit friend and never accept guests on weekend evenings. Saturday evenings belong to the family.

Parisian women inherited vintage culture from their mothers. For example: luxury bags by YSL, CHANEL, LANVIN and it’s very valuable for them. They take care of these customs and the culture that comes over from generation to generation.

Everybody can follow this lifestyle, if you remember the simple rule “modest chic” with free style which shows that you didn’t try a lot of for making your look perfect”.

Negligence is the real thing of a Parisian women.

Finally I want to emphasize the important feature of these chic women, which mostly attracted me. They are very literacy, they love to read, they love books, they follow cultural lifestyle. I always say that most stylish look makes with literacy because none of the brands will make excellent look if a person has got empty look in the eyes.

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