“Russian sables by O’Henry This is my the most favorite novel. maintain O’Henry I can’t pass this novel. In my opinion it is the best among the work of O’Henry.


Molly was a girl with the most beautiful eye color of blue sky. Babe Brady was a member of a street gang that frees ordinary people from cash and other material values. Having met Molly Baby Brady gained the new mean of life and left the gang, which he unofficially headed. In spite of he got used to luxury style of life and hates the cheap things.

He is an ideal for Molly even he is dressed in ordinary pullover. The absence of the car and smoking suit does not matter. Having finished with crime style of life he returns to his old profession but cannot earn for living. The business is not profitable. But baby does not return to outlaw way of earning the money. He is beside of loving woman and it is enough for him. A year has been passing and there is more and more difficult to earn money for him while his old friends from his gang do crime things and live rather wealthy.

Once he returned home with something wrapped underarm it was the first-class Russian sables.It was a dream of all her life, but she realizes that it is incredibly expensive thing and understands that her dear husband couldn’t afford himself so expensive purchase. He answers that she deserves much more then this sables and that he has been saving money from his salary, and claims that he abandoned all crime way of living.

Molly and Babe are walking hand to hand along the street and everybody stares at Molly and her gorgeous fur coat. Members of the gang lift their hats with respect. She feels herself as a real queen. And suddenly they are stopped by policeman and said that there were lost the sables at the very house where Babe Brady did his work and they cost 1000$. The policeman suggests to investigate this case where Babe Brady bought the sables. In spite of Molly is shocked Babe Brady confesses that he has stolen. At that moment another policeman is approaching them, who had his own fur business and he can recognize expensive and cheap furs .This is not real expensive RUSSIAN sables, this is produced in the USA and it doesn’t cost 1000$. They are sold at a shop nearby and cost 20$. Babe Brady tries to stop policeman and shut down his mouth, but suddenly he is arrested.


He really preferred to go to the prison rather to confess. Molly in tears was hugging him and saying that she doesn’t need anything except him. The policeman has to free him because Baby does not have any common with the stolen sables’ case.

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