Very often my friend complain that they can’t afford to buy expensive cosmetic creams, body lotions and et.c.

They are right. I always used to very expensive creams by CHANEL, DIOR, ESTEE LAUDER and  et.c. all the perfect brands. I always went to the beauty salons for different procedures to take care my face for preventing my wrinkles. Anyway thank God I have got naturally perfect face skin without any problems, so perfect that I afford myself to be without any make up while weekend.

I inherited  my skin from my mom, she inherited from her mother. But even the perfect skin needs to take care and support it’s good condition. The first I think, what helps me to maintain kind of skin is, that I gave up smoking, I do exercises  every weekend, I drink water  about  one(1) Litre and more during the day.

Currently, I use  the cream what is made by a friend of mine . She is professional cosmetologist and I trust her. This cream I apply in the morning, under my make-up, because of It’s because of it’s fat structure.


In the evening I use Hyaluronic cream by CAVIALE made in Russia. Around my eyes – I use vitamin AEVIT. They are oral capsules with oil inside. They are the perfect anti age oil.

After every shower in the evenings I apply natural olive oil on my neck and on my decollete. It wets skin and is perfect anti wrinkles take care way.

Generally all the make ups, mascaras, body lotions, make-up removals for face and eyes, hand creams I prefer to use the products by Yves Rocher, because for me it is reliable, because of it’s natural ingredients.


Here I Introduce the masks which I use. They all are from natural ingredients and very useful:

Mask-Scrab N1: one teaspoon of corn flour 1/2 tea spoon baking soda and a nutritious salt mix and apply to cleansed face skin for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water as a scrub.  After, applying nourishing or moisturizing cream.

Mask-ScrabN 2: one teaspoon of corn flour and one ounce olive oil procedure lasts 30 minutes then apply day, night, anti age or moisturizing cream, according your considerations.

(Anti age mask ) one full egg mix with one tea spoon solube cafe and apply on cleaned face skin  for 30 minutes except of around eyes( particularly remember, don’t apply masks around eyes), then wash with warm water and apply your cream according your consideration. Use this mask three times in a week for a month.


Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion. Write what do you use,  what do you prefer to use. Do you like natural  cosmetics or not?Write me your suggestions and advice please. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. My love and respect.

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