I know my website visit different people, foreigners, among them are foreigners who live in Tbilisi, maybe they are students, may be they work in Tbilisi and solved to look through this ancient and the most beautiful city. But nobody knows Tbilisi as well as we, old citizens. My country has been under different enemies’ domination. It had been humiliating , separate, people of my country had being killed ages and decades ago, but nobody could ruin power of our soul. It is too difficult to find my country on a map because it’s the smallest between the biggest empires, it looks like a drop. I gathered several photos of my favorite Tbilisi. It is the oldest city with very big and interesting history. I want to express the love which I carry in my heart towards my city. Over the years we have gone through very difficult political changes, especially my generation. Civil war dedicated the greatest part of youth of my generation. We remember the dark Tbilisi without electricity, without gas and heating during the winters, shooting, gangs, groups of thieves. The big amount of people left the country and went abroad as refugees for shelter. There are enormous up to now: corruption, unfairness, poverty, unemployment and other problems. Very often I think maybe I made a mistake when refused to live abroad, but no, I could never be able to live without my family and my city somewhere else.


Have you heard about old Tbilisi?  A person who has once visited my city he would see this old district. It is the historical place which shows the face of old city. At this very place are located different churches of different confession. The tolerance we inherited from ancestors and this feature goes over from the generation to generation. This is the gorgeous place and divided to several small districts. One of them is  called as “Bathe district”. There are placed old bathe houses built several ages ago and they work up to now. This place became as a historical and tourists are pretty attracted of it. River “Mtkvari” divides my city on to two  parts. The left and the right sides of Mtkvari. Old Tbilisi is located on the both sides and these parts are connected with the old bridges.



If somebody of my readers have visited Tbilisi they would see the new modern glass bridge which is called – “bridge of freedom” which also connects  left and right sides of old Tbilisi and is located in old Tbilisi. The glass bridge was built between 2003-2012 years. There are rocks along the Mtkvari and the old houses are built on these rocks.

Can you imagine how  fantastic view it could be? The old houses on the rocks with the view of river Mtkvari and all the views of old city. You know these houses are historical monuments as well, but they are not empty. The life goes on there, the families live there. The most beautiful view of my city is when in night. I can write endless about my city, you know it’s a short summery because one page will not be enough to explain and to explore the all fragrances and secrets of the old streets and corners of my old city. I promise you that gradually I will write about it again and I’m sure that who has not visited Tbilisi yet he or she will have desire to see this magic town. Here are photos, which show only the small parts of this old city. It’s impossible to write and introduce all the beauties in one review.

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