Mario Vargas Llosa’s novel “The Bad Girl “, a first-person narrative about love affair which starts with deep passion and becomes in deep love of all his life.The novel is divided into three parts: The first chapter, “The Chilean Girls,” introduces the two main characters, Ricardo Somocurcio (the good boy) and Lily, the Chilean Girl (the bad girl), who will become his lifelong love and obsession. Chapters 2 through 6 recount the details of their love affair, which is a series of abandonments and reconciliations. The final chapter, “Marcella in Lavapiés,” concludes the love affair with the death of the bad girl.

The actions happen in the different countries during different political events.The novel shows what kind of results can gives an ordinary addiction of something even addiction of love.
a reader travels around the world with main hero and share with Ricardo’s life, with his success and failures and emotions. As for me, very often Ricardo’s weakness got me anger. I could not understand his loyalty toward Lily. Sometimes i considered that the men deserved kind of attitude.

Are you interested in why do I consider like that? My favorite Sagan did write one novel, which I will introduce to you later and I did find similarity between these two plots only in kind of love affairs. How a man loses interest toward his lover, when she decided to be devoted.

I apologize to the male part of my readers and the fact that the novel left such an impression on me, but if somebody already read it I will be grateful to read his/her comment or criticism. The book is very pleasant to read, The novel really worth to have a place on your shelf.

It teaches a reader almost all sides of life, values of life(it is my opinion). You meet different people in different situations. I think the novel also shows the ways how to survive.

How it will not seem strange, but I pity the “bad girl” Lily. In search  for the best of life she loses the best of her life.


Dears you already know about my love of of Latin Amerikan’s literature and Marquez, Cortazar, Liosa are my favorite writers.  And  finally I want to announce with proud that Georgian translation of the new novel of Mario Vargas Llosa’s ” Five corners” is already published and I already gained one. It was limited amount, but I bought one and It is mine now.


(This is Georgian version of “five corners”)



“Five Corners” is impressive in its dexterity as it traces political themes and tells of troubled lives in Lima. But is it a great work?
Mario Vargas Llosa, recipient of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature, is one of the world’s most acclaimed writers. Many think he is the greatest of all living Latin American authors since Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who passed away in April 2014.
But Vargas Llosa is not just a famous writer. He has another side to him. He is a politician who contested and lost the Presidential elections in Peru in 1990.
In his latest novel, it is the politician who is finally more on display than the writer. CincoEsquinas (“Five Corners”) was released in March this year – coincidentally the same month that the writer turned 80.

I promise That we will see a review of the new novel as soon as I read it, because I read “ Paris “ of Edward Rutherfurd by now.


My dearests write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me. With love and respect, your Kate.

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