The best friends of mine except my son and my family are books.They replaced my fried several years ago, And I am pleased. It doesn’t mean that my friends have not got their place in my life, but reading is the second after my family.

As I have already ma mentioned the books I read in my Childhood were recommended always my parents, particularly my Mom and Grand mom. They always have been authority for me and . Their education and literacy always  caused  my admire. So once my mom recommended me to read a novel “ Spanische Ballade ” by Lion Feuchtwanger, the  greatest German-Jewish novelist and playwright. A prominent figure in the literary world of Weimar Germany, he influenced contemporaries including playwright Bertolt Brecht. It was the first time I met his work: “Spanische BalladeRaquel, The Jewess of Toledo” and fall in love with  The  King of Spain Alfonso VII  and Jewish Raquel.

Lion Feuchtwanger mentions in his prologue, that novel was created t according the ballad was originally written by Alfonso X of Castile in regards of his Great-Grandfather

Photo below is a(The scene of performance “Spanish Ballade” I can not write who is a director, found it by chance)


The action occurs During the “Gold Age”  learning in medieval Spain and describes  King Alfonso’s  and Jewish Raquel love affair.

Beautiful  Rachel – (originally Rahel Esra; c. 1165, Toledo – 1195, Toledo) with  the matte skin,  cheekbones and with green almond-shaped eyes was a Jewish woman who lived in Toledo, Spain in the twelfth century. She was the paramour of King Alfonso VIII of Castile, husband of Eleanor of England, for almost seven years. Under her influence a number of Spanish Jews were appointed to positions within the royal court. This led to discontent among the clergy and nobility. Rachel’s enemies had her murdered, together with those of her coreligionists in the court, in the presence of the king himself.




When I read this novel I was about 22 years old . Having  remained as one of the my favorite, I read it  again and again. I read several reviews around this novel and different considerations. The reader as me consider that Rachel was a victim of Alfonso’s passion and it was not the real love, it was only passion of The young Spanish King. Alfonso knew very well that the love affair would not bring anything good to Rachel but  he did not restrain himself. Rachel charmed him with his beauty and he was a king.He was selfish powerful handsome young King who sacrificed young innocent woman and even his baby to his selfishness. From the beginning Rachel did not have any chance to refuse and resist this tragical relationship, he was The King her Lord.  Who did dare to resist  the King? His desires executed immediately.

So this relationship lasted for seven years, until Rachel pregnancy .  Rachel’s enemies had her murdered, together with those of her coreligionists in the court, in the presence of the king himself.

I think She could escape and survive herself and save her little son to run away to another country, but she was in deep love with her King and believed to Alfonso’s love. She did   overdo when was sure about  her  influence above the King.

Alfonso was the King and couldn’t resist the clergy and nobility. Neither Kings nor Queens can’t marry as chosen.

Obviously Lion Feuchtwanger is genius, because  when you read his work you feel yourself as the most educated person.

He takes you and carries you to the magic world and you realisehis masterpiece. Two years ago my  still recommended me to read one more  novel  ofLion Feuchtwanger . I read his another the greatest novel about a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker. He is considered the most important Spanish artist of late 18th and early 19th centuries . The novel –  “Goya”. This novel charmed me deeply and I am going to write a review later.

For 2 weeks I were travelling around  Spain of 18 – 19 century. In Spain during the Inquisition.I Went through  Spanish nobility , through  Spanish History, Political action, Art, Hot love and sex, Passion,  loyalty and betrayal and It was excellent,  gorgeous.

Dears write me who are your favorite writers, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me. With love..






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