I have already written in my previous posts about my one of the most favorite  singers Barry White. He is my love since my childhood, but he is not the only who I like and another my favorite singer is  the greatest musician George Benson.

I loved him since my youth and listened to  him from time to time, but I have started to adore him  recently. I have got my favorite singers, Musical groups and I chose several  songs of them as my favorite. But they have got several compositions and songs I don’t like at all.

Barry white is the only singer whose all songs are my favorite. And now George Benson became the very musician, whose Musical compositions and songs have become my favorite.

The style of singing of Benson, the genre, everything admires me. I don’t remember how many times I listened to his live performance on YouTube channel.




I link this live performance and the YouTube version of one of my especially favorite song: “This Masquerade”. The song was executed by the world stars and George Benson. I hope you will be pleased.

Dears write me who are your favorite musicians, what kind of genre do you prefer to and I will try create reviews about them. Be free in your comments and write your opinion. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and you will find a lot of interesting things about me.With love.



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