This video/post is dedicated to Parisian Chic. And yet what is the secret of French women’s chic?

Here is my video about Parisian immortal chic:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0aGOjKkzGQ&t=8s


Don’t let nobody to say that they know what does mean the content of the phrase “Parisian chic” if they did not see real Parisian women in Paris around real French atmosphere, with their vintage luxury accessories on  their bicycles fixed baskets in front of….. Here is my blog post ” How to be Parisian” :http://lufonachic.com/parisian-women/

The main feature of Parisian women is that they shine wherever they are, they sparkle not because they wear something sparkling, no… They sparkle even when they wear old jeans black blazer and modest T-shirt:


The modest chic is the clue of Parisian chic. The Parisian women have got their signature in dressing, they have got the “must have” things in their wardrobe. Let’s go to look through:

Jeans – without what it’s impossible to imagine Parisian women’s wardrobe:

White oversize shirt as if it’s from the shoulder of her boyfriend:

Quality black blazer:


Vintage leather jacket :


Traditional trench coat, what they can wear even on the naked body :

Leather trousers:


Quality denim jacket:

White, black , grey color essential t-shirts and striped sailor t-shirt:

Base colors classical  coats:

As for accessory:

Squeared form, circled big  black or dark sunglasses even in rain weather:

Chain with pendants, bracelets, rings,  but not all together it’s French’s  rule:


As for shoes:


  1. In the summer: ballet flats, sandals, espadrils, sneakers, Converse
  2. In the autumn: oxfords, loffers, shoes on a city heel.
  3. In winter: batillions, soldier’s boots.
  4. Boats and sandals for the evening.

They say no and no to Ugg boots. Parisian women never wear ugg boots.

The monochrome black color is their favorite and particularly main color for them especially for the night events:

One of the important features of Parisian women is the natural look of their hair. They even can cut their hair themselves:



Parisian women inherited vintage culture from their mothers. For example: luxury bags by YSL, CHANEL, LANVIN and it’s very valuable for them:


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