The trends of shoes of 2018 spring/summer. I have already mentioned that I have got my favorite fashion bloggers. I’ve subscribed their YouTube channels, but listen to only several of them. They are real interesting. After I watch them I do summery and make into consideration only what I consider.

After I see their suggestions I do my conclusion and make into consideration what I want according to my own style. As for me only my style is important. I never buy a thing which is not mine and makes me feel uncomfortable even if it would be GUCCI or CHANEL. So I looked through my favorite bloggers. I decided to post this conclusion for you, maybe you will find it interesting for you.

Kitten heels –  are in trends. I like this. I had that kind of shoes 2 years ago rather expensive. They were produced in Spain. I don’t remember the brand. It was difficult to use them for me. I could not feel myself comfortable because I didn’t have feeling that I walked on a hard surface. Very pity but I will not be able to use it. I like them when I see in the street on women wearing such shoes. I think they make sexual outfit.


Transparent and architectural heels- we can find shoes with architecture heels as in a luxury segment as in a mass market. I saw different tips of shoes with architecture heels at ZARA when I was looking for a striped T-shirt. We know ZARA is one of the first who reacts on trends. Then comes the heels with height of 8 cm. Oh… it’s my favorite, most comfortable and very classical. You know how fashion can change from time to time but 8 cm high heels always remain stylish. Let’s look through Chanel and YSL collection, Christian Dior.They have got a lot to learn. So in my opinion it is the perfect high heels and its form feels comfortable. Let’s to talk about the shape of socks. 2018 spring comes with squared socks.

I remember the time during 1990, 91, 92, 93s… during Tbilisi’s civil war when kind of squared socks was the top of trends… If somebody was so clever that kept kind of shoes and did not gift to somebody as I did you can take and wear it proudly. Every tips about the shoes with squared socks are in style. You can bravely wear boots, shoes, loafers, sandals, ballet shoes with squared socks.

The following rounded feminine – sock what is always popular with medium height heels. As I remember it is not something the new, I saw how it’s popular in Paris when I traveled in November of 2017.  All the fashionable cafes were full of women with kind of shoes. Then comes “Ugly sneakers”. BALENCIAGA after that FENDI, GUCCI, ADIDAS created different versions. The rough form which reminds us the time of 1990 years… called “Ugly sneakers” which is on a top of today’s fashion but I prefer “Race runner” and “Speed knit”. In my opinion they are more feminine.


Cowboys shoes all types all Heights. It is my favorite especially in summer season. with thin flowered dress it is gorgeous, It is the style of 1990 years as well.

I think the cowboy’s style is the favorite of whole world’s fashion followers.

The nude colors are popular in all accessories and is eternal classic, always in fashion, anyway nothing new.

Then comes the sparkling shoes, accessories, clothes are in trends as we know and I think in this case we should be carefully. If we wear something sparkling: shoes, belt, bag… we won’t dress another sparkling thing, it will be too much… for example: I’ve got sparkling coat by Toy- G. Gorgeous brown chocolate color. We should keep balance not to look like vulgar women. Now the part of my favorite trends what I’m going to wear is the velvet sandals on heels with sparkling gaiters. Amazing trend and you can use all color sandals, especially ultraviolet and bright green with silver color. It will be fantastic.

Following is trend of plastic shoes, belts, trenches, bags. I’ll tell my experience about plastic things. I had amazing ballet shoes several decades ago, they were popular as well by that time. The shoes were great but I had never had such uncomfortable shoes, it was impossible to wear. But it’s only my opinion. If you like you can wear them. They are very stylish. And the last thing I want to mention are the sandals with closed socks like CHANEL on medium heels, they are considered as classic forever. My dears these are not all trends of coming season. About the rest I will write in following posts. I work around these topic to meet new season.

Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear and what kind of news would you like to read in my posts.Wait for the new posts.Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.With love.

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