Today is the last day of winter. I’m happy . Winter is not my season. Since the end of the august I feel uncomfortable because winter is coming. To know that there is full crazy march incoming but my home plants are blooming already and it is enough to feel that spring is approaching.

The decision to create my blog changed lot of things in my everyday schedule. I started to pay attention to very little details. The most interesting is that since my first post I dressed up for you, I buy things and share it with you. I’m happy because the readers from many different countries read my posts several times per day. The new and new followers join me every day. There are successful bloggers among them.

It encourages me when I see the new followers, especially Bloglovin makes me happy. Since 2012 something stressful has been occurring in my life. I’m not going to mention each of them. These events totally changed me and each my approach towards life and people. But I’m grateful, my destiny for this experience what I’ve passed successfully… gained strength and wisdom which make me so self-confident. These are necessary features for a powerful person. You need only your family members and 2-4 close friends who you already experienced during the life. Over the years I often remember the words of my dad – that only family can accept you with your advantages and forgive your disadvantages.

I remember the days when I was looking forward for the weekends when I was leaving my son with grandparents and spent all weekend with friends of mine. Chatting, endless smoking. Today if somebody asks me to go somewhere, if it isn’t a new exhibition, theatre or some cultural event, if I’ve got  some extra time to spend with my family, I will refuse them. I know it sounds weird and maybe wildly for young generation but after the years may be you will recall my posts.

And finally I want emphasis that average age is the perfect age for understanding and finding yourself. To improve your skills, to learn the new things, to find time and take care of yourself… and feel real independence. The age when your opinion and experience are valuable, when your mind, attitude and sense are taken into consideration. We do and say what we want. It’s a real independence, isn’t it?

Here are my photos with my striped t-shirt as I promised (Jeans  by Levi’s, boats By NEW BALANCE .leather belt  by Massimo Dutti, blue suit by MANGO, glasses by Jil Sander, striped T-shirt  by MEXX) and at last I received my book about Parisian women and I feel an enormous pleasure. It costs rather expensive and I couldn’t find it here in Tbilisi. My acquaintance has got business of books, found it in Moscow and friend of him sent it to him for me.

Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Wait for the new posts.Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.With love.

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