I have already touched the theme about jewelry, but it was theme about must have things or what kind of jewelry I prefer to wear. I showed all types jewelry(bijuteria) what I wear for years.I have already wrote that classical style is my basic in clothes and in accessory as well. I leave  the link about  my  must have bijuteria right here for my readers who haven’t  seen yet or who are the new on my blog): http://lufonachic.com/my-must-have-jewelry/

In this post I decided to write about trends which is in fashion in this year.

The firs  place I give to the jewelry with unmanufactured look, as if they were found under ground after archaeological work. The jewelry can be created with silver, gold and other expensive or bijuterias material) .My favorite bijuteria, I wear this kind of style for years and have got even when there were not existed online shopping. Since than I have got my  chain type bracelet what is  and it is  indestructible  and doesn’t lose it’s color, even when  I have a shower, although I  paid rather expensive for bijuteria, but it worth this money. My very gold circle type earrings- Two circles twisted in each other,they are rather cheap and are not something valuable, but this summer they appeared in the trend. My ring with unfinished face is bijuteria as well. I haven’t use it for ages, but this year they found it’s honorable place on my hand. The other my jewelry you can find also  in my  link above.

These are my bijuteria: chain bracelet and ring and pink gold earring:



The second of trend is seashells. They can be make from everything: metal, gold, silver. It would be better if they are natural.

They are used as the earrings , as the necklaces as the different type of rings and also bracelets. Seashells made in form of pendants with chains and it can be different types of necklaces and pendants on the different types of circles as the earrings and We also may meet circles type of necklaces with seashells.

The second type are major  jewelry especially earring or mono earring. Particularly circle tips of earring are in the top of trends. The circles can be made even from murano, silver or gold it depends on your preferences. As for me I prefer to wear golden major circle. I noticed  them in MANGO, at the first glance I didn’t risk to buy them. They seemed too heavy, but  then I decided to buy and I am going to do my  purchases in the following week and I will show them you of course.


Circles can be introduced as bracelets-several from different material. More they will be on your hand, more stylishly you will look . Moving on we have to know that earring made with different size and form of circles are also in trends. The rings as well and remember different colors of metals together is top of trend, for example I started to wear golden major ring presented by my late husband with my silver watch. Different kinds of gentle chains with pendants, we can take several in different metals.

Generally major of chains as necklaces and as bracelets. The main Idea is that your Jewelry should be created with different size of circles. You can wear one circle of silver and one circle from golden metal together.

Kind of mix was founded by Pierre Cardin about 35 years ago. I remember the time when  there were issued the fashion magazine “NECKERMAN” and we  saw  ring of Pierre Cardin in there . It was very the new and strange mix of silver and gold in one ring – three circles twisted in each other, two different rates of gold and one silver  circle.

It was something very gorgeous, and fresh especially for USSR’s citizens. Our jewelry’s masters got a large amount of orders. All  women of Tbilisi wanted to have this fashionable ring. Today ‘s famous designers can create different styles of circles mix in rings in earing or bracelets but for me and my generation  it remains as Pierre Cardin’s creation forever.


Generally major of chains as necklaces and as bracelets. The main Idea is that your Jewelry should be created with different size of circles.

You can wear one circle of silver and one circle from golden metal together Vintage major jewelry like wore YSL’s muse Loulou de la Falaise.

Pearl with it’s beauty and splendor. It is in top of trends, particularly unmanufactured condition as if it was just taken from it’s seashell. In rings in necklaces and ear  ring. You can wear Pearl with jeans, crazy T-shirts with prints and sneakers mix with unmanufactured metal jewelry and with squared sunglasses, as I  wear  my pearl bracelet  which is created in 18 century.(Link is also above).


It is my Misaki




Quotes and phrases written on bracelets or necklaces, any kind (don.t swearing of course) and the letters. Celine was the first in this trend and then many brand imitated to him. luxury brands and also mass markets.



Finally bracelets for legs it is my favorite thing and I think it isn’t something the new or fresh. I wear it every summer and it is one of the main thing of my summer outfits when I wear  especially white sneakers.


Zara, MANGO, Massimo Dutti, even Stradivarious all budget brands created  kind of jewelry. I think  these are the trends of season, if you think like me, don’t buy expensive things.I am’t going to invest money in Luxury bijuteria. Trends changes and  I think if I buy circle earring in MANGO they will give me enough pleasure until the trend change.

In addition for my readers I want to announce that very soon I issue my youtube videos and we will be able to hear or read my posts. My son who  helps me with everything what does touch my website promised to create my video channel.

Dears I tried to explain all possible ways how to wear and use white as underwear clothes. Write your opinion, be free in your comments.Write what do you prefer to wear,  read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.


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