This video/post  about 2018/19’s winter clothes: Jackets, Trenches and coats. I am not  the only who publish  kind of information, that main prints of the following six months will be checkered print, all kind of animal prints , plastic clothes, artificial fur things and all these we should wear in multi level ways. All the famous fashion houses in their last performance showed the crazy multi level outfits:In this post bellow I introduce the short review around this theme. Here is video  and I promise you will see much more interesting information:


I as follower of thing beyond of time I decided to show not only trends, but trends combined  with kind of way which were, are and will leave on the fashion stage  not only several seasons

Let’s start with jackets and blazers:

  • Leather jackets are in fashion trends for decades and the following seasons they aren’t going to leave their hard positions.We can wear them in different colors, but  I prefer black, grey or brown colors:



  • fitted blazers in any cage, a “chicken paw” in the spring, short, elongated, in a shallow cage in a wide cage, tweed, this is already a classic that does not give up its position for the second decade:


  • I show my two blazers: fitted, grey color,  little bit short, from my profile photo by D&G and light grey, striped, long and  also fitted  by Marc Aurel and  my classical beige trench by MANGO and checkered by BURRBERY :


  • Oversize blazers will stay in trends the following season, but from my point of view they are only for very youth generation, because in the middle age they add the years in stead of giving stylish look:

  • Trenches as classical clothes always on fashion stage, but in the following season they will be as classical as well known BURBERRY’s and from plastic checked  material as well:
  • )


  • also they can be created  from different colors of plastic material, in neon colors, checkered print and all kind of animal ‘s prints. My favorite classical cut and with oversize form:


  • classical coats always are in fashion it’s not something the new: black, camel, deep green, grey color,caramel. They gained their own  place in world fashion:


  • Trends of following season coats  with animal and checked  prints:

  • following  season goes on the passed season’s trend of oversize  and multi level  I like this trend, but when I look at the fashion performance and very young girls almost teenagers:


  • Look at my own inspiration how to wear oversize in  the middle age:


  • Artificial fur in different colors for saving the nature over the world will stay on the world fashion.(N10 artificial fur coats)
  • My dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear, read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts an especially in my videos because generally I removed in Youtube channel and my news you will hear in videos. Wait for the new videos and posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect

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