This video/post about Trends of skirts of present and future season, actually autumn /winter 2018-19. Jeans is my uniform, but sometime we need skirts as well.Here is video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zB1EHW1C08s&t=9s


Let’s go to look through  my research from the newest fashion shows and before we  buy another pair of jeans, think, perhaps we should fill in the wardrobe with an elegant leather skirt or a stylish pleated skirt. The 2018 fall-winter season clearly dictates the new rules that we will have to follow to create relevant looks.

Skirt’s colors: N1


Sophisticated print: N2


The fashion of famous vinyl shirts has turned into a trend of patent leather skirts. This season, it is important to literally shine. The classic straight skirt becomes bold, rebel, not to the detriment of additional decorative elements (metal accessories, stripes, etc.), but thanks to the gloss: Patent leather: N3


My favorite leather skirts, I’m sure the leather is timeless as smoking and classical suits and The leather clothes haven’t got any age guide lines if we keep the balance not to put on all leather: Leather skirts: N4


In the new season, do not be afraid to add more texture to the image, weighing it lightly. This kind of trend  also hasn’t got any age  guidelines. Quilted skirts: N5

The wrap skirt is an ideal option for those who prefer asymmetry. This is achieved by the difference between the front length of the product and its base and the use of a diagonal cut.Wrapskirts : N6

Plaid : N7

We have already talked about wrap skirts, yet the subject of asymmetry is not fully revealed. Slits and asymmetry: N8

Why do you need to present it in the best possible light? First of all, an overweight knit or angora sweater and then a monochromatic turtleneck, oversize shirts, bomber jackets and cardigans.Pleats:N9


In my case,  I like maxi when it is worn by age  about up to 30, after 35 I prefer length up to knee or a little bit upper of knee.Maxi skirts : N10

My dears be free in your comments and write your opinion.Write what do you prefer to wear, read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts an especially in my videos because generally I removed in Youtube channel and my news you will hear in videos. Wait for the new videos and posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me. Love you and respect.


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