Before I write this video/post I want to write a little discription about my video and my bloging. This isn’t my major work as for majority bloggers. It’s my hobby and one of the greatest love to follow and observe fashion. I tried  very much to create quality videos twice a week, but unluckily  my major job doesn’t afford  me,  so I’ll publish one video in the end of the per week.


Turtleneck is thin sweater with  high neck of cashmere, viscose or wool, which is worn both independently under a classical  blazer,  under a leather jacket, under a cardigan, under the jeans shirt  and jacket and separately under the coat. Turtleneck was and will be a classic and timeless clothing. here is videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrwnS-5DfWc

Even the greatest Yve Saunt Laurent  himself used to say that a black turtleneck and a black  skirt is a full-fledged outfit.

Turtleneck is a trend of 2018/19 winter especially color of beige, grey, all shades of brown and king black color.


Turtleneck is a part of  basic wardrobe of the women’s  also of the men’s. It’s  use as in classical basic as the casual basic wardrobe.

Lets to view top outfits with  turtleneck  for 2018-19 autumn/ winter.



Turtleneck under blazer:


Turtleneck under leather jacket:


Turtleneck under coat:


Turtleneck in different outfits:


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