What does the blog mean for me and why did i create my website? I would  never touch this topic, but by the chance About a week ago I came across a post of very famous and successful blogger: Maria Julia on her blog called: “The Chic Pursuit” . She write a lot of useful advises particularly for start-up bloggers, but among these advises I found very important topic around the real reason why a blog is being created and  she introduced all the reasons she considers  around this topic have been gradually passing the status of start-up blogger, and  I afford myself to write my opinion, because work of two and half months  gives me right have for my opinion. I agree Beautiful Maria Julia in everything and thanks  to her,  because she worked and write enormous amount  of useful information and advises. My attention was attracted by one moment when Maria Julia considers   that for  some people leading the blogs is only a hobby. I don’t know how  blogging may be a hobby.

I won’t say something new, the professional and successful blogger will agree with me, that leading an own blog means to spend a lot of time, energy and source of mind. Yes the pleasure is when you see an amount of visitors and comments, what encourages you to go on to create and create.

But my blog isn’t a hobby for me. It is  my work and I am not going to lie. I decided to create my blog when I found out that I could earn money by doing something  lovely and interesting for me at the same time. Yes I started with a hope to gather my readers, to create my posts according their wishes, to deserve their love and earn money. It’s not a hobby, it’s a hard work.

Can you imagine that after 10 hours of work at a public service, returning home I write posts and it enjoys me when I read your comments. That’s why I am grateful to you and thankful. I also thank Maria Julia that she encouraged me to write this post, because I think my readers have to know how important are their comments for me. So dears, if someone thinks that leading a blog is similar as leading a Facebook or other similar social websites, it is the greatest mistake. When  blogger shows  photos with happy appearance, readers have to know that it is connected  with the hardest work and behind  of these photos there are sleepless nights  and hours spent in thinking and gathering the most interesting information for our lovely readers with hope to make them happy and give them a few  time to relax.

You know in Orthodox world there is Easter celebration and I devoted my featured photo this day.

And in addition here are my spring outfits (part 4):

Jeans jacket by MANGO;Black denim jacket by GAP;Jeans MANGO;

Belts LEVI’S and Massimo Dutti;Striped shirt MEX;

Wide trousers cashmere black with white stripes  by MANGO;

White shirt  by MANGO;

Leather black jacket VAKKO sport;

Vintage black cross body bag YSL;

Viscose Grey Dress of MORGAN;

Grey suit of Morgan;

Shouse color of marsala on heels handmade;

Glasses by Jil Sander;

Asymmetrical silk black dress by MORGAN;


Dears be free in your comments and write your opinion. Write what do you prefer to wear, read and listen to, what kind of news would you like to read in my posts. Wait for the new posts. Join me and subscribe below my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.

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3 thoughts on “What does mean blog for me?

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