Win-win outfits   for spring and actually for every season.

I hear every day the same sentence: ” I was late, because I could not find what to put on or I have not anything to put on”. It is common problem, which I did have  a decade ago.  It is manageable problem if we have got basic wardrobe. I am not going to list the things, which a woman has to have in his basic wardrobe.

There are exist several things out of time, we have to invest money without any doubt if you want to decide the common problem : what to put on.

1)Black jacket, Leather jacket, Grey jacket, jeans jacket,checkered jacket.

2)several white shirts oversize from men’s shoulder( because white shirt is only single use thing, if it is used once again it will not look  fresh); black silk shirt oversize , jeans shirt, also oversiz



3)jeans: dark blue, grey, black and  classical black trousers.


4)T-shirts: white, grey black and striped – sailor’s  T- Shirt.

5)Dresses : little black and  so-called grandmother dress printed and thin, called as grand mom dress.


6)cardigans: grey, caramel, black.

Invested your money in luxury  accessories:

7)leather basic begs with hard forms:  beige, black.,grey;


8)belts desirable: brown and black leather, but luxury.

9)shoes: white sneakers, shoes on heels(beige, black, with animal print) ballet shoes, men’s style shoes, cowboy boots or military boots.


10)Squared dark glasses are out of time and  always will highlight you.

11) Black skirt:leather, silk, cashmere :

12)Classical trench color of beige, black or grey:


This items have to be gathered for several years step by step for have basic wardrobe. this experience comes over the years.

If you have these basic win-win items,They will get rid you of the problem, what to dress, when you are in hurry.

Here are the outfits which are created with these items:

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