Des bleus à l’âme by my favorite Françoise Sagan the sparkling star of French and world culture of 20 century. I have wrote it several times and will never get tired to repeat that actually if somebody wants to feel real aroma of Parisian life style, reading Sagan’s novels is the best way.

In my opinion this novel is a bit difference then the rest novels of her. It seems to me as a bit psychological. The main heroes are siblings who wasted all their fortune. They reach the middle age but still are young and charming. They tried to use the remaining beauty and youth and play with feelings of other people.


Sagan et Bob Westhoff / writer Francoise Sagan and her husband.

The siblings are  brother and sister who are depend on each other very much. Sometimes they are  jealous of each other, when one has got love affairs and the other hasn’t. Obviously they are selfish and consider, that are superior to other people and don’t take care other people destiny.


Catherine Deneuve & Françoise Sagan.

“love is a maze, and each of It’s rotation shows something the new. This maze is perfect for two loving person ,but there is no a place for the third person. The very third person is able to ruin this love story or connect them forever” – From the editor.

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