I have never heard anyone who could be able to manage accommodate numerous of ideas and subtle sense of humor in one or three pages as masterly as O’ Henry. Another genius who I know was Danish cartoonist, the greatest artist of contemporary as Herluf Bidstrup, but today my article refers to O’ Henry, the greatest American writer and his work.

I don’t remember how many times I revised his stories and every time I am ready to start each of them from the beginning. But yet I have got my favorite stories which I distinguish.

  • Vanity And Some Sables.
  • The Purple Dress.
  • A Service of Love
  • After Twenty Years
  • One Thousand Dollars
  • Conscience in Art
  • Cupid a la Carte
  • The Romance of a Busy Broker.
  • The Gift of the Magi.

And etc… the list is too long and at this moment I have realized it’s difficult to choose when case refers to O’Henry’s work.

But yet I want to mention a story which is favorite for almost everybody – “The Gift of the Magi”.

Before New Year eve a young couple found that they did not have money to buy gifts for each other. Della decided to sell her gorgeous brown colored hair – (a part of proud and value of their family.) and buy a chain of platinum for husband’s pocket watch, another treasure of their family.

In the evening Jim comes home with the gift for his wife. The young people open the gifts and find out that Jim sold his gold watch to buy an expensive set of ridges, which Della had dreamed for a long time. But this does not spoil the holiday of two loving hearts.

Sounds like an ordinary story, nothing admirable? But the masterly work of O’Henry is exactly that he is the master of how to introduce the most ordinary story as the greatest novel which is and will be topical for thousand years for us.

Anyway in my generation it is a honor to use winged phrases of O’ Henry. May be the  youngest people will be surprised of my  love to this writer but if they have got a subtle sense humor and read  even one novel they will understand me.

Yes the book replaced my friends… Do you want how and why? It is another theme of my blog. Join me and subscribe below in my social sites and we will find a lot of interesting things about me.

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