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“A lady with a dog” by Anton Chekhov.

During of creating the performance “Lady with a dog” Chola was working with gorgeous actors and actresses. Their names and surnames are introduced bellow of the short link. I have to mention about the composer who created the musical composition, the famous composer and a musician – Vakhtang Kakhidze, who is the director of the Musical Centre of Djansug Kakhidze in Tbilisi. Vakhtang Kakhidze is a son of the most famous Georgian composer later –  Vakhtang Kakhidze.

Finally I want to emphasize that the creativity of this performance is that Chola managed it by mixing actors and puppets theatre play together. I have watched different versions of  the movies based on this novel, created by different very talented directors but Levan Tsuladze made something inimitable and unique, true masterpiece only under his signature.

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